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A photo of stained glass artwork in the Gabhart Chapel.


When you graduate from the College of Theology and Christian Ministry at Belmont University, you are prepared to engage actively, think critically and live passionately. Our Alumni go on to do truly amazing things. College of Theology and Christian Ministry Alumni attend seminary or divinity school, live and work abroad, serve in churches, non-profits and other ministries, pursue artistic endeavors, start their own businesses, and most importantly - follow their calling.

It is our sincere hope that each and every one of our Alumni leave Belmont passionate about serving others and responding to God's call on their life.


photo of Corwin Malcolm Davis

Rev. Corwin Malcolm Davis — Atlanta, GA

Christian Leadership, 2016

  • Ph.D. Student (Religion) | Emory University
  • Ordained Deacon | African Methodist Episcopal Church

“The College of Theology and Christian Ministry served as one of my starting places for deep theological inquiry, keen critical thinking, and attentive pastoral care. Professors challenged me — and encouraged me to challenge myself — to think about how all of this combines in the efforts of serving the present age, and in the work of liberation and justice.”


photo of Rev. Kate Harris Weishaupt

Rev. Kate Harris Weishaupt — Halle (Saale), Germany

Christian Leadership, 2011

  • Pastor of the United Methodist Churches in Halle (Saale) and Dessau, Germany and Hospital
  • Chaplain at Martha-Maria Hospital in Halle (Saale), Germany

“My time at the CTCM nurtured my call to pastoral ministry by not only transforming me into a theologian but by preparing me practically for service to the Church and in the world. The professors invested in my growth, encouraged me, and enabled opportunities for me to apply what I was learning in the classroom practically, which has served as the foundation for my life and career of working for social justice, administering pastoral care and counsel, preaching of the Word, and leading and serving within Churches on three continents.”


photo of Rev. Barrett Owen

Rev. Barrett Owen — Waynesboro, VA

Christian Leadership, 2007

  • First Baptist Church | Senior Pastor

“The CTCM (or Religion Department as I remember it) gave me a foundation in which I still build off of today. They first introduced me to the historical-critical method for interpreting scripture as well as hermeneutics, Christian Doctrine, Ethics, and Eco-Justice. Perhaps the greatest tools they gave me were a thirst for finding and understanding my true nature through practices in Spiritual Formation as well as how to incorporate science as a resource to inform my faith. I owe a great deal to Belmont University, and the CTCM specifically, for they put in front of me a course to help me discover and love the person God made me to be.”


photo of Nicole Brandt Minyard

Nicole Brandt Minyard — Nashville, TN

Religion and the Arts, 2014

  • Founder of Poverty and the Arts (POVA)

“The CTCM challenged me intellectually, professionally, and personally. While in undergraduate, I began programs and filed for nonprofit status for Poverty and the Arts. As a Religion & the Arts major, I was not required to take business, marketing, or accounting classes and had to use my electives to prepare me for the arts administration and management side of my career; however, as a student in the CTCM, I was able to reflect and define the type of person I wanted to be. By studying various Christan traditions, I learned the importance of cultivating community, setting boundaries, and seeking justice. When I graduated, I continued to take classes at places like the Center of Nonprofit Management to grow my business skills, but I've never been able to find an environment that cultivates the other necessary personal and interpersonal skills I needed like I found at Belmont. I'm thankful that Belmont's CTCM focused on my whole being instead of just pushing me academically. It made me the leader, alum, friend, and community member I am today.”


photo of Julia Crone

Julia Crone — Durham, NC

Biblical Studies, 2018

  • MDiv Candidate, Duke Divinity School
  • Candidate for Ordination, North Carolina Conference of the UMC

“My time in the CTCM prepared me exceptionally well for divinity school and gave me confidence in preaching, research, Biblical interpretation and theological thinking. More importantly, the CTCM gave me lifelong relationships with professors and friends and formed me to love the Lord with all my mind.”


Rev. Brandon T. Maxwell

Rev. Brandon T. Maxwell — Atlanta, GA

Christian Leadership, 2009

  • Columbia Theological Seminary
  • Vice President for Enrollment & Student Affairs, Dean of Students
  • Special Advisor to the President for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

“The College of Theology and Christian Ministry taught me to read, honor, and appreciate texts in all their forms - biblical, academic, spiritual, legal, and personal. Since graduating, this sacred practice of reading texts well has both enriched and sustained me personally and professionally.”