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WELL Core | Community Service


Belmont students are required to complete WELL Core during their Belmont experience.

The purpose of WELL Core is to nurture in each student the capacity to live a life that is satisfying, with a sense of meaning and purpose, encompassing all dimensions of human life.

In order to graduate students are required to earn a total of 60 Well Core credits (adjusted for transfer students), 10 in each of the following categories:

  • Intellectual Well-Being
  • Occupational/Financial Well-Being
  • Cultural Well-Being
  • Interpersonal/Emotional/Physical Well-Being
  • Community Well-Being Through Service

To learn more about the WELL Core program, please visit the WELL Core homepage.


Community Well-Being through Service WELL Core Credit

Students receive Community Well-Being through Service credit by submitting their hours on Get Connected, which can be accessed through the MyBelmont Launchpad.


In order for service hours to count for WELL Core credit, they must be completed in partnership with a non-profit or other charitable organization whose primary beneficiary is not the Belmont community.

Examples of community service that count for the Community Well-Being through Service WELL Core requirement:

  • Responding to and participating in any Need posted on Get Connected by our partnering agencies

  • Volunteering with an outside agency with a charitable mission or non-profit organization in Nashville or beyond (logged as Individual Hours on Get Connected)

  • Donations*

    *We want to make sure the completion of service hours is equitable for all, no matter one’s access to resources. As a result, we count any in-kind donations to a charitable cause as one credit hour, no matter how many items might have been donated.


Please note: our office does not approve service hours submitted more than six months after the initial service date.

This is to respect our partnering agencies in the verification process and avoid giving them undue burden. We also need ample time for our office to get approval for these hours from outside agencies, and we ultimately seek to foster a sense of accountability for students to submit things on Get Connected within a reasonable amount of time.


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  • When will my hours be reflected in my BruinLink Community Well-Being through Service Path?
  • I volunteered at an event more than 6 months ago. Can I still log these hours for credit?
  • I volunteered with my club, organization, or team. Can I count these hours?
  • I donated a number of items to a charity drive. Can I get credit for that?
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