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Exam Schedules


 Fall 2021 Final Exam Schedule:

For your convenience, an alternative format listing exams by class day and time can be found here.

Wed. Dec. 8 

Thurs. Dec. 9

Fri. Dec. 10

Mon. Dec. 13

Tues. Dec. 14

Wed. Dec. 15


Class Start Time

Class Start Time

Class Start Time

Class Start Time

Class Start Time

8:00 am

8:00 am TR


9:00 am MWF


8:00 am MWF


9:00 am TR


No exams

11:00 am

Exams not otherwise scheduled

11:00 am MWF


12:30 pm TR


11:00 am TR


12:00 pm MWF


Student grades (GS)
due before NOON

2:00 pm 

Exams not otherwise scheduled

2:00 pm TR


1:00 pm MWF


2:00 pm MWF


3:30 pm TR


No exams

5:00 pm



3:00 pm MWF




No exams

7:00 pm

6:00 or later MW or W only

6:00 or later R only

4:00 pm MWF


6:00 or later M only

 6:00 or later T only

No exam

General Exam Policies:

1. Faculty are to give final exams only at the times designated above, ensuring that there are no conflicts over classroom use and that students do not have two exams scheduled for the same time.

2. Students are required to take their final exams at the times assigned.

3. Any deviation in room or time should be confirmed by the college's dean and must also be confirmed by the Registrar's Office for any possible room conflict.

4. If a student has three or more exams scheduled on one day, the student may request, no later than one week prior to the date of those exams, to reschedule one exam, preferably the middle one.

5. Final exams for 8 week, part-of-term and Saturday classes are to be given during the last class meeting (unless otherwise stated in the syllabus but not to extend beyond the last class meeting), though only 8 week M-R courses are shown in the chart above to avoid classroom conflicts. (Please note: This does not apply to the fall 2020 final exam schedule).

6. Blackboard classes for which an in-class final is required may schedule those exams either at 2-5 on the first Wednesday or at 5 on the first Friday (assuming no student exam conflict).  (Please note: This does not apply to the fall 2020 final exam schedule).

7. Classes not otherwise scheduled in the grid above in which no graduating seniors are taking the final may also schedule final exams in the 8 am slot on the second Wednesday.

8. All grades for graduating seniors are due no later than noon on the second Wednesday; all other grades are due no later than 4pm on the second Friday.

9. Online courses regularly enroll students from across different time zones and from a variety of locations. Faculty members should administer the final exam in an online course according the Belmont University final examination schedule and encourage all students to complete the exam in US Central Time. When that is not possible, faculty members are responsible for communication regarding alternative testing times and for insuring the integrity of the final examination when administered across multiple time zones.

10. Online courses that are a part-of term that are not scheduled to end at the published conclusion of a normal semester should use the last day of class as a preferred exam date in that part-of-term but no later than the last day of classes for that part-of-term. Time zone differences and insuring the integrity of the final examination should be considered as in #9 above. Faculty members are responsible for communication and inclusion in their syllabus regarding testing times.