Danielle Garrett

Danielle Garrett

Associate Professor of Chemistry Education

College of Education, College of Sciences & Mathematics

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Vanderbilt University - Specialization: Physical Chemistry

Location: Janet Ayers Academic Center 4005



Dr. Maria Danielle Garrett, Associate Professor of Chemistry Education, joined Belmont University in the fall of 2014. She graduated Suma Cum Laude with her B.S. from the University of Tennessee, where she majored in Chemistry and minored in English. After graduating, Dr. Garrett began her studies as a graduate student in the Chemistry Department at Vanderbilt University, where her research work focused on band edge recombination in cadmium selenide, cadmium sulfide and cadmium sulfo-selenide alloy nanocrystals observed by ultrafast fluorescence upconversion. After completing her Ph.D., Dr. Garrett went on to receive her MAT from Trevecca Nazarene University.

Dr. Garrett has a diverse perspective on teaching, as her teaching experience lies in the high school and college levels. Dr. Garrett strives not only to implement a teaching style that has a strong foundation of student interaction, emphasizes practical applications and encourages thinking outside the box, but also to help students grow and cultivate their love of learning and science, finding a deeper appreciation for the world around them. She has taught courses in physical science, chemistry, physics and physical chemistry.

Dr. Garrett has served as faculty research advisor for undergraduate students, several of whom have made presentations at the Tennessee Academy of Science (TAS), the Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS), and the American Chemical Society (ACS) national meeting. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, spectroscopy, calorimetry, and greener options in the chemistry classroom. Dr. Garrett currently teaches general chemistry, GOB (general, organic, and biochemistry) for nursing majors, science methods for elementary education and several special studies chemistry courses, including a survey of green chemistry and sustainability, and principles and methods of peer tutoring in chemistry. Dr. Garrett is heavily involved in the development and implementation of STEM outreach events for high school students and teachers.  Dr. Garrett has also participated in the ACS Science Coaches program since 2014, where she engages in chemistry outreach with 4th grade students and teachers at a local school. 


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Outreach Events

It’s Easy Being Green: Budget-Friendly Safety-Conscious Chemistry Labs for the Science Classroom of Today summer workshop series for physical science and chemistry teachers

  • Garrett, M. D. Conceptual Chemistry - It's Math-Lite: Exploring Equilibrium, Half-Lives, and More. Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2023

  • Garrett, M. D. Concentration on C: Colorimetry, Calibration Curves, and Chemical Kinetics. Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2022.

  • Garrett, M. D. Glow Stick Reaction Rates… Another One Lights the Dark. Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2021.

  • Garrett, M. D. "Go Green with G3: Garden Indicators, Gases and Galvanic Cells." Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2019.
  • Garrett, M. D. "Beat the Heat, Catch a Wave and Make it Float." Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2018.
  • Garrett, M. D. "Please Pass the Salt: Chemistry – It’s 'Saltsational.'” Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2017.
  • Garrett, M. D. "Cranberry Chemistry: Science with Superfruits." Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2016.
  • Garrett, M. D. "Spice Up Your Chemistry Lab with Neutralization Reactions." Belmont University: Nashville, TN, 2015.

Colorimetry and Calibration Curves: Exploring Serial Dilutions and the Beer-Lambert Law workshop for high school chemistry students (2023 - present)

Celebrating the Women of Physical Science outreach event for high school students (2017 – present)

Sweet Sweet Chemistry: A Chromatography Challenge workshop for high school chemistry students (2016 – present)

Qualitative Analysis through Back Titrations: Neutralizing Agents – How Basic is It? workshop for AP chemistry students (2016 – present)

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Back Titrations: Neutralizing Agents – How Basic is It?

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