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College of Pharmacy student working with vision simulation goggles and a pill bottle.

Early Assurance - PharmD in 6 Years


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College Freshman to Pharmacy Doctorate in 6 Years!

Belmont's Early Assurance program gives aspiring pharmacists a direct, faster and less expensive path to their dream career!

Incoming freshmen who choose pre-pharmacy at Belmont University are eligible for Early Assurance to the PharmD program by meeting program requirements as outlined below.

Early Assurance Benefits

  • Solid liberal arts program as a pre-pharmacy student at Belmont University
  • Admission to the PharmD program is guaranteed if all Pre-Pharmacy Requirements for Early Assurance are achieved*
  • Academic merit scholarships awarded as an incoming freshman may continue for a total of six years of pre-pharmacy/PharmD study, as long as eligibility requirements are met each year. Years 5 & 6 provided by the College of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is waived for students who apply to Belmont’s PharmD program through Early Decision which excludes application to any other pharmacy school.
  • A faculty member from the College of Pharmacy will serve as academic advisor during the time as a pre-pharmacy student
  • Preferred access to available volunteer/shadowing opportunities with College of Pharmacy faculty, such as medical mission trips and observation in the University Pharmacy
  • Opportunity to join student pharmacy organizations
  • Open invitation to lectures, seminars and other special events sponsored by the College of Pharmacy

    *Students who do not achieve all requirements remain eligible to apply for admission to the PharmD program at Belmont University without guaranteed admission.

Why Pharmacy?

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