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silhouette of students in the sunset with their arms up as the sun sets


Sam Simpkins selfieAs University Photographer, my primary focus—and the focus of our student photographers—is to take photos for broad usage to promote Belmont, such as images for major university publications, website and marketing materials, and publicity purposes.

How to Make a Photo Request

Please send all photo requests via e-mail to and include the following details:

  • Date, time and location of the event with the specific room number
  • The best time frame for me to attend to obtain the most visual shots (it’s not often possible to cover an entire event)
  • How the images will be used (i.e. where will images appear?)
  • Any specific shots/groupings/special coverage you’re seeking
  • The designated contact person at the event/location and their cell phone number

How to Find Photos

All University images are placed in an online photo gallery and are available to be downloaded for departmental, communication and marketing needs.

Please note that Smug Mug is currently going through some cleaning up, so if a folder is not in the same place it used to be, please check the Archive section.