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Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

Lila D. Bunch Library empowers the Belmont community in the pursuit of knowledge and creativity by providing innovative resources and services for intellectual discovery in a collaborative, inclusive environment.

Mission Statement

Lila D. Bunch Library is an essential partner in the University's mission to empower the Belmont community to engage and transform the world. We will be a catalyst for the discovery, creation, and dissemination of knowledge by

  • Providing the best possible user experience.
  • Being a leader among teaching libraries through innovative pedagogies, preparing students for a complex information environment.
  • Building on traditional foundations of research by expanding opportunities to engage with new forms of digital inquiry.
  • Providing leadership on scholarly communication for the university.
  • Creating a welcoming and secure space for study, research, and collaboration in an environment that fosters intellectual freedom and the open exchange of ideas.
  • Building and curating robust and unique collections to enhance the student learning experience and attract leading scholars.