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  • Aaron Kleinschmidt
    After years of studying Spanish prior to college, I knew I needed a program that would help me build on the progress I had already made with the language. The selfless, personable faculty in Belmont's Foreign Language Department took the time to ensure I was properly placed in classes and has since guided me toward topics of interest that go beyond grammar and conventional learning. Perhaps most valuable was the support I received as I pursued a semester abroad in Spain; my professors made a stressful and often frustrating process manageable. The immersive experience I had as a result was life-changing and helped me achieve professional fluency in Spanish. Since becoming a Bruin, my love for languages has blossomed. I have used my skills in more capacities than I could have imagined, and my Spanish professors have become invaluable resources as I consider post-graduation opportunities.


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The study of Spanish at Belmont University is both enlightening and empowering. It equips learners with the knowledge and proficiencies required to engage meaningfully with Hispanic individuals, communities, and cultures inside and outside our nation’s borders. Spanish majors are able to read and understand a multiplicity of texts without having to rely on someone else’s translation, and they are able to communicate directly and in real time with individuals who may not speak English, or may not speak it as well as their native Spanish.       

The potential for close rapport between professors and Spanish majors is remarkable. Spanish classes come alive as students and professors collaborate to make sense of relevant and impactful texts and ideas. At Belmont, Spanish instructors help students develop linguistic proficiency and grow intellectually within a learning environment that exposes them to texts from various genres (film, poetry, short story, comic strips, etc.), locations, and time-periods. As students in the Spanish Program engage with new texts and ideas, work to communicate clearly in another language/culture with their peers and professors, and participate in study abroad programs, they partake in a dynamic learning process that prepares them for a wide range of career opportunities and for a lifetime of meaningful encounters beyond our campus and nation.


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