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Competence in a foreign language will enhance career potential, no matter what career path a student chooses. In the United States and in many other labor markets, whether it be in business, sciences, law, communications, advertising, banking, education, travel, government service, or overseas employment, knowledge of Spanish is often the key differentiator between an excellent candidate and the candidate that gets the job. The professional opportunities that accompany a major in Spanish are boundless, and you do not have to go abroad to take advantage of your Spanish proficiency and cultural knowledge. Since the United States will soon become the nation with the second largest number of Hispanics residing within its borders, now is a very exciting time to learn Spanish and to learn about Hispanic cultures. The Belmont Spanish Program is here to help you along this exciting journey, whether it leads to an international career or one that affords you the opportunity to work with Hispanic clients, patients, consumers, and individuals within the many US communities they call home.