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Photo of a student and professor working on German in the foreign language lab.


Career Significance

German is an excellent language to learn in preparation for professional careers in international business, international law, government, international affairs, economics, finance, the entertainment industry, publishing, engineering, computer science, chemistry, physics, environmental studies, tourism, and education, as well as for academic careers in such fields as history, religion, philosophy, art history, political science, literature, and music.

A German major could be combined with any other specialization to enhance your career preparation. In fact, since German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world, it's a perfect second major or minor for students pursuing careers in science, math, engineering or technology fields.

In addition to landing positions in education, business, finance, law, healthcare, science, tourism, student affairs and the arts, Belmont graduates have also been successfully placed in Master’s and Ph.D. programs as well as have received prestigious Fulbright Scholarships to teach English in Austria and Germany. 


Outside of the Classroom

A variety of related events take place on campus and off, from International Awareness Week events sponsored by all language groups and an International Student Organization, to soirees, fiestas, Viennese Ball, film series, dinners, and concerts planned by individual language and International Student groups. Belmont also has a chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society, to honor those students who excel in language study. 

To enhance their German studies, students can also choose to participate in a semester- or year-long exchange program with the University of Regensburg and an intensive summer language and culture program in Berlin.



The Max-Kade-Residence is a living learning center on campus, where American students and exchange students from Germany live together and learn from each other. It hosts cultural events throughout the year, such as German cooking lessons, Kaffeeklatsch, Adventsfest and movie nights.


German Conversation at Bongo Java

Weekly gatherings at Bongo Java, a local coffee house across from campus, provide an opportunity for informal conversation in German and for students to get to know each other beyond the classroom.