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"Belmont's Master of Arts in English was the perfect stepping stone between the Bachelor's degree and the PhD . . . Their honest wish to see us succeed extends beyond graduation; my past professors and advisors are always willing to write a recommendation or offer some advice when I feel like I'm struggling as a beginning instructor. My time at Belmont has definitely prepared me for the step."

-Meredith Harrell, class of 2016. Ph.D. student, University of California, Irvine

Preparing for the Next Steps

We love the diverse paths that our students take following graduation, and we offer opportunities for professionalization to help students take their next step. From internships to writing center experience to classes in composition and pedagogy, our students gain experience in teaching, writing, editing, or in a professional field.  

"Belmont’s M.A. in English program was instrumental in setting me on the path to becoming a published author. Through the challenging classes and caring community, I discovered a gift for writing fiction and honed my editing and public speaking skills. My first published novel actually grew out of stories I wrote for a creative writing class at Belmont, and the curriculum and community of the M.A. in English program continue to influence my professional life and writing."

-Erica Waters, 2013 alumna and author of Ghost Wood Song (HarperTeen/HarperCollins)

Image of Erica Waters

Diverse Career Paths

A Master’s degree can serve you in a variety of careers. Graduates from our program have gone on to enter the non-profit industry, higher education administration, marketing and communications, and journalism. Our graduates include teachers who deepen their content knowledge, receive a Master’s “pay bump,” or teach at private schools and community colleges. Many of our students also publish their creative work, including books of poetry, young adult fiction, short stories, and more.

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"While I knew that I would be well-supported during my time in the MA program, I did not fully realize how readily available that support would be. The English professors do not simply view their work as a job but as a calling. The professors' dedication to mentoring graduate students and fostering a challenging yet supportive learning environment is both empowering and inspiring. I entered into the MA program unsure of myself as an English scholar and teacher, but I left with an advanced understanding of the English language, literature, rhetoric, critical theory, and writing. My time in the program challenged me to elevate my writing and critical thinking skills, which continues to serve me well as a scholar and teacher."

-MarQuis Chappell, Class of 2020, High School English Teacher

Ph.D. Programs

Our graduates have entered Ph.D. programs in literature, education, or creative writing, including programs at the University of California-Irvine, the University of South Carolina, SUNY, and the University of Texas-Dallas.