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Joey Meredith

Joey Meredith — Nashville, TN

Sport Administration, 2015

  • Manager, Inside Sales | Tennessee Titans

I 100% would not have my dream job with the Tennessee Titans if it were not for the Belmont MSA program. The program instilled in me important professional skills that have allowed me to succeed in an extremely competitive industry.  I owe a great deal to this program for investing in me and allowing me to grow. Furthermore, the real world experiences offered during this program are what separates Belmont MSA from other sport administration programs.


Mabry Culp

Mabry Culp — Austin, Texas

Corporate Communication, 2018

  • Staffing Operations Associate | Google, Inc.

“The Corporate Communication program and faculty changed my life infinitely for the better. Coming into college, I knew that I wanted to work with people for my career, but I wasn't sure what that would look like. The department developed me into a courageous, adaptable and altruistic leader of others while giving me valuable business acumen through their encouragement of internships and real world assignments. Confidently and empathetically I walk into rooms looking for ways in which I can lift my company and others to great new heights, all thanks to the incredible education I received by the Communication department.”


Kirk Bado

Kirk Bado — Washington, D.C.

Politics and Public Law, 2017

  • Roy H. Park Reporting Fellow, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (M.A. in Mass Communications, 2019)
  • Congressional Campaigns Correspondent, National Journal

“The opportunity to work with The Tennessean in my junior year through a partnership with the Department of Political Science changed my life. That summer covering the Nashville mayoral race laid the foundation for my career and opened every subsequent door that's taken me to newsrooms in Arizona, North Carolina and now, the halls of Congress. Nothing can quite prepare you to cover this crazy world of politics, but my professors gave me the tools to adapt and think critically about our complex political systems and the powerful figures who operate within those systems. During my time in CLASS, my professors invested in me, forming lifelong bonds I still cherish today.”


Micah Oelze

Dr. Micah Oelze — Long Island, NY

History, 2010

  • Assistant Professor of History | Adelphi University

“My undergraduate experience at Belmont taught me to recognize the study of the past as an adventure. Belmont’s history professors showed me how traveling intellectually (even while sitting in the library) can be riveting. The intrigue, patience, and imagination that I developed at Belmont remain characteristic of my own research and teaching today, more than a decade later.”


Jena Locke Thomas

Jena Locke Thomas — Durham, NC

Public Relations, 2009

  • President + Founder | Parthenon PR

“I am so grateful for my time as an undergraduate in Belmont’s PR program and the way it equipped me for my career. Not only did the course work prepare me for the types of tactics I would take on as a PR professional, but the wisdom and advice of the Department’s professors really sparked my interest in the field and helped direct my career path. Their intentionality to exposing PR students to the various career paths available, alongside their commitment to encouraging real world application through internships brought the skills we were learning in the classroom to life for me. Now as a member of the PR Department’s Advisory Board, I continued to be impressed with passion of the professors and their commitment to providing a superior curriculum that will set their students apart when they enter into the workforce. I can also attest that the interns we hire that are enrolled in the PR Department at Belmont are some of best and brightest I’ve had the privilege to work alongside.”


John Daniel Gibson

John Daniel Gibson — Nashville, TN

Philosophy, 2011

  • Production Manager (Twenty One Pilots, Live Nation, etc.)
  • Founder and Director | Hivemind Co-Creative Braintrust

“My education at Belmont continues to be life-changing. I remain in contact with professors in a wide range of fields, and now proudly and gratefully consider them to be good friends. In particular I have received persistent guidance and correspondence with faculty members in Philosophy who transformed the way that I think, speak, make decisions, and live my life. I am still able to draw on the best practices in life and work from these most excellent individuals, and put them to good use every day. I approach every topic philosophically, which for me is to say, respectfully and with truth and wisdom as the highest possible gains of discourse and human relations. These influences have informed the way I choose to be a leader in the entertainment business, whether at an awards show surrounded by recognizable celebrity-types, or in a music venue surrounded by seemingly 'normal' people with vast and unique skill sets who build shows around the clock. As the Night-Captain of these global circuses, I have come to love to lead and be led by the most exceptional individuals full of life experience, diverse backgrounds, and profound love of their fellow human beings, God, and wisdom.”

Nate Horst

Nate Horst — Washington, D.C.

English, 2003

  • Investment Director | MicroVest Capital Management

“As an Investment and finance professional, I leverage every day what I learned as a student in the Belmont English department - from effective communication, to creative problem solving, to strategic negotiations that require an ability to see and understand the other point of view. I see colleagues fail where I have had success - not through any magic of my own, but precisely because of my Belmont liberal arts training. I am grateful every day for those 4 formative years under the Belmont English Department’s guidance!”



Justin Lang — Providence, RI

Sociology, 2017

  • Ph.D. Student, Department of Africana Studies | Brown University

“Belmont Sociology was a critical component of my preparation for graduate studies. The department made me a stronger writer, provided rigorous training in research methods, and helped me develop a reading practice for understanding the interventions of texts and thinking multiple texts and theoretical perspectives in conversation with each other. The department provided me with frameworks to grapple with our social world during a significant time in my political development, in the midst of the early phases of the resurgent Movement for Black Lives.”