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Legal Studies students

BA/BS in Legal Studies

Deepen Your Understanding of the Law

One Degree, Many Career Options

Belmont’s legal studies major pathway to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree will give you the specialized training needed to thrive in a vast array of legal environments. You’ll develop the tools to think critically, resolve conflicts, compose strong written and oral communication, and delve deeply into legal principles – skills that prepare you for a wide variety of careers, graduate programs or law school.

Areas of Study

As a legal studies major, you’ll benefit from small class sizes and mentoring by our innovative & interdisciplinary faculty, who bring the expertise and resources of multiple departments at Belmont. You’ll immerse yourself in courses that focus on:

  • the judicial system, methods of resolving disputes, constitutional law, torts, criminal law, property and contracts
  • argumentation, with emphasis on analysis, evidence, reasoning, constructing & refuting claims
  • the entrepreneurial process - solo practitioners and innovation within the legal industry
  • fundamental theories of the nature of law or broad themes of social and political philosophy
  • examining ethical issues using real-world case studies
  • writing of a variety of legal documents, including composing advanced analytical and persuasive legal texts

Elective courses and a required minor allow you to focus on areas of potential specialty, including international law, music industry contract law, criminal justice, poverty and justice, communication law, entertainment law, copyright law, or eco-justice and faith.

Career Paths in Legal Studies

This is an ideal major if you want to pursue a career in law-related fields for which a legal education is helpful but does not require law school. Some students also decide to pursue law school after completing their undergraduate degree. If that sounds like you, learn more about our Legal Studies 3+3 program (BA/BS) to (JD), which allows you to begin the first year of law school at Belmont's College of Law during the fourth year of undergraduate study.