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3+3 BA/BS to Juris Doctor

You Know You Want To Be A Lawyer

The 3+3 Will Help You Get There Sooner

Belmont’s Legal Studies/3+3 program is an accelerated pathway within the major where you complete the first year of law school at Belmont’s College of Law during your fourth undergraduate year. Combining a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in legal studies with a Juris Doctor, the Legal Studies/3+3 allows you to earn both degrees in just six years.

Coursework in the first three years of the program draws on Belmont's exceptional liberal arts curriculum, including general education/Bell CORE courses along with those in the legal studies major. After applying to Belmont's College of Law in the junior year, students who are admitted begin the first year of law school in the fourth undergraduate year, saving time and money.

Belmont College of Law

Belmont's College of Law is ranked sixth in the nation for first-time bar passage rates, according to the American Bar Association, joining prestigious law schools such as Harvard, Yale, Duke and the University of Virginia in the top 10. While the Legal Studies/3+3 program is offered through an excusive partnership with Belmont's College of Law, you are able to pursue certification to practice law in any U.S. jurisdiction. Read through the viewbook to learn more about Belmont's College of Law or take a virtual tour of the Randall and Sadie Baskin Center.

How the 3+3 Works

  • The Legal Studies/3+3 program is designed for highly motivated and highly qualified students who are interested in pursuing a law degree. 
  • The 3+3 curriculum is accelerated - you must complete all undergraduate course requirements in general education/BELL CORE for the B.S. or B.A. and the legal studies major and compile a minimum of 99 credits during your first three years.The credits earned during the first year of law school count towards both the undergraduate B.A. or B.S. and the J.D.
  • Belmont legal studies students with a competitive GPA and LSAT score may apply for the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program through Belmont's College of Law after the end of their first semester junior year (deadline: March 1). Application to this program is directed to the College of Law via Law School Admissions Council's Candidate Assembly Services (LSAC's CAS).
  • This program is neither an automatic nor guaranteed acceptance program into Belmont College of Law. If accepted, you will matriculate in Belmont's College of Law for 3 additional years after completing your undergraduate work. 

Close Mentoring

Close mentorship is essential to your success in the 3+3. You'll work one on one with your advisor throughout the program to ensure your progress and to meet your personal and professional goals.