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Legal Studies student studying abroad in Spain. Photo Credit: Caroline Littlepage

Student Stories

  • Erin Grimm
    Erin Grimm, Legal Studies/3+3
    "I am very happy with the 3+3 program and the way it has set me up to be successful in law school. I feel confident starting law school knowing that I already have some exposure to the material we are going to learn the first year. Saving a full year of school and tuition is also a huge bonus..." Read Erin's bio below.
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  • Madison Harris
    Madison Harris, Legal Studies
    "I chose legal studies because I've always had an interest in law and a passion to make change. This major gives me a wide variety of classes that suit my interests, while also educating me on important issues and topics prior to law school..." Read Madison's bio below.
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  • Caroline Littlepage
    Caroline Littlepage, Legal Studies
    "The legal studies program is comprised of bright professors that push me to be a better individual and student. Whether it is in Business Law, Legal Entrepreneurship, or Philosophy of Law, my professors encourage me to make innovative, thought-provoking arguments..." Read Caroline's bio below.
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  • Antionedra Maupin
    Antionedra Maupin, Legal Studies
    "I chose Belmont because of the wide range of curriculum the legal studies major offers its students. I get to engage with many different topics, which will serve to be an asset to me in the future and the profession I am seeking to go into. I will not be a one trick pony as they say. I will have knowledge in the many different areas of law, which excites me..." Read Antionedra's bio below.
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  • Carmen Mendez
    Carmen Mendez, Legal Studies/3+3
    "I want to become an Immigration and Family Law Attorney. Getting my bachelor's is just the first step in a long line of accomplishments that I plan on reaching..." Read Carmen's bio below.
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  • Disha Patel
    Disha Patel, Legal Studies/3+3
    "I did an internship the summer of 2020 at an immigration law firm called Gopal & Pedigo in Nashville, TN. I am so thankful, as I was provided the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing and passionate attorneys I have ever met..." Read Disha's bio below.
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  • Carly Pinter
    Carly Pinter, Legal Studies
    "The legal studies major prepares students like me, with a desire to go to law school, for their future; though, even if I decide not to go to law school in the future, I am prepared for numerous other law related professions..." Read Carly's bio below.
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  • Alexander Wharton, Legal Studies Minor
    Alexander Wharton, Legal Studies Minor
    "My favorite experience with legal studies has been the AMTA Mock Trial team. They are all an awesome group of people with a passion for what they do, and it has been a great way to develop my understanding of legal processes..." Read Alexander's bio below.
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