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Belmont Innovation Labs

Activating Agents of Hope to pursue human flourishing and community thriving for all

Cross-Sector Collaboration for the Good of the World

With passion, creativity and a healthy dose of gumption, Belmont is building a platform that enables and empowers Agents of Hope to tackle today’s most complex problems – in the classroom and in the community. We equip individuals and organizations to design, develop and deploy collaborative responses to our most complex human challenges.

What Challenge Do You Want to Solve?

Our labs are multi-year, multi-stakeholder working groups funded by corporate or philanthropic partners. These tenacious teams seek to address the grand challenges of our day by developing innovative concepts, generating actionable research, brokering new partnerships, identifying and scaling promising approaches and launching marketplace solutions.

By bringing together brilliant minds, experienced professionals and committed doers for a multi-year facilitated innovation and design process, we believe demonstrable and meaningful change is possible.

Our Model to Activate Change

Come Together

Strategic Convenings

Learn Together

Teaching and Training

Solve Together

Collaborative Innovation

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Belmont University For Human Flourishing

The Innovation Labs builds upon the rich legacy of social innovation and entrepreneurship education at Belmont University, adding and extending capabilities for collaborative partnership and sponsored research with industry and local, regional and global community partners.

Belmont Innovation Labs Leadership

Josh Yates
Belmont Innovation Labs, Belmont Innovation Labs

Josh Yates

Executive Director & Professor of Entrepreneurship and Human Ecology
Email: josh.yates@belmont.edu
Christa B. Tooley
Belmont Innovation Labs, Belmont Innovation Labs

Christa B. Tooley, PhD

Academic Director & Professor of Sociology
Email: christa.tooley@belmont.edu
Cate Tidwell McLeane
Belmont Innovation Labs, Belmont Innovation Labs

Cate Tidwell McLeane

Director of External Partnerships and Strategic Communications
Email: cate.mcleane@belmont.edu
Heather Corlew
Belmont Innovation Labs, Belmont Innovation Labs

Heather Corlew

Administrative Coordinator
Email: heather.corlew@belmont.edu
Christy Davis
Belmont Innovation Labs, Belmont Innovation Labs

Christy Davis

Director, Transformational Business Network (TBN) Alliance
Email: christy.davis@belmont.edu

Pursue Human Flourishing with Us

It’s going to take all of us to generate lasting solutions. Will you join us?