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Why history?  Because it matters.


History is the study of human change over time, but it’s so much more than that. History encourages a way of thinking totally unique among the traditional liberal arts disciplines. History matters because its study is essential for learning how to live well.

 Recognizing that human experience is continuous, historians seek to understand how people lived in the past and how their actions, institutions, and leadership shaped their world and our own. While this continuousness can be familiar, the past can appear very strange to us, because the people living then were often very much unlike us in so many ways. The stories of those in the past can be fascinating for reasons like these. So historical thinking requires careful consideration of both the familiar and the strange. Students of history read, write, and think with this incredibly productive, creative tension in mind.

 Because of its uniqueness, the study of history sharpens the mind for any other pursuit. Whatever path students choose, whatever major students decide upon, history fosters students' abilities to read critically, think analytically, and communicate ideas effectively, examining human problems in light of ethical values, political, cultural, intellectual, and religious traditions. History encompasses every form of human activity imaginable. It stands to reason a person should study it.

 Interested? Feel free to contact our faculty about historical study at Belmont. See what our students, past and present, have to say.

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