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COVID-19 Information

Defending our Den: COVID-19 Campus Plan

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Guiding Principles

The following key principles--founded on the concepts of personal responsibility, respect for personal choices and trust among our campus community to do the right things to help keep everyone as safe as possible--guide our safety efforts:

  1. COVID-19 vaccination is a personal choice; no one, regardless of vaccination status, will be excluded from the Belmont community.
  2. While unvaccinated individuals are generally not viewed as a serious threat to the health and safety of vaccinated individuals, that risk is not zero, and the unpredictable nature of virus variants require us to proceed with caution.
  3. It is the clear advice of the CDC that everyone be vaccinated for COVID-19. Given that the vaccine is proven to be safe, effective and is widely available, individuals are strongly encouraged to choose vaccination both for the purposes of personal risk mitigation against COVID-19 and as a means to mitigate risk for the entire campus community.
  4. Individuals who make the personal choice to not be vaccinated assume the associated risk to themselves, are asked to recognize the risk they place on others if they become infected, and are asked to exhibit responsible behaviors that respect the health and safety of those around them.
  5. Knowing that not everyone on campus will be vaccinated, individuals who make the personal choice to be vaccinated are encouraged to take additional measures of mitigation, such as wearing masks and maintaining distance, as they deem appropriate.

Vaccination Information

Belmont University is currently offering the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine which are now able to be billed to your health insurance through the Belmont Pharmacy. Appointments can be self-scheduled on your Health Portal or by calling Health Services at 615-460-5506.

Use VaccineFinder to search for appointments in Davidson County (near campus) or in nearby surrounding counties such as Williamson (37067, 37027), Rutherford (37130, 37129) and Wilson counties (37122, 37087). Students should use their current or school address when making an appointment, rather than their permanent home address.

Please visit the CDC’s "Stay Up to Date With Your Vaccine" page for the most updated information protecting yourself and others.

For a detailed overview of the COVID-19 vaccines, please visit the CDC's Overview of COVID-19 Vaccines.

Belmont leaders will continue to monitor changes in COVID-19 guidance from local, state and federal public health agencies.


Yes. Health Services continues to provide rapid antigen COVID testing for faculty, staff or students. COVID-19 testing prices may vary and pricing is listed on the health services page under medical services. Appointments can be scheduled on your Health Portal or by callng Health Services at 615-460-5506.

Belmont Univeristy follows the CDC's updated guidelines on what to do once you have tested positive for COVID-19. These guidelines, updated in March 2024, can be found here.

As stated by the CDC at the above link: 

When people get sick with a respiratory virus, the updated guidance recommends that they stay home and away from others. For people with COVID-19 and influenza, treatment is available and can lessen symptoms and lower the risk of severe illness. The recommendations suggest returning to normal activities when, for at least 24 hours, symptoms are improving overall, and if a fever was present, it has been gone without use of a fever-reducing medication.


Residential students with questions about isolating in place may contact the Office of Residence Life at 615-460-5802.

Students who miss class due to illness of any kind should contact their individual faculty members.

For healthcare or treatment questions: Contact Health Services or access resources via TimelyCare.

If additional assistance is required, please contact Student Care and Support

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Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

*Hours may differ during school breaks or holidays.

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