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Requirements for Graduation

Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Refer to the Undergratuate Catalog for further detailed descriptions of the university's academic degree and program requirements.
  • Satisfy Total Degree Hours
  • Satisfy Major Hours
  • Satisfy Minor Hours
  • Meet Residency Requirements (total, major, and minor hours earned at Belmont)
  • Overall GPA (minimum 2.000)
  • Belmont GPA (minimum 2.000)
  • Major GPA (minimum 2.000)
  • Minor GPA (minimum 2.000)
  • WELL Core / Convocation Requirements (contact academic advisor or the Office of BELL Core)
Graduate Degree Requirements

Refer to their Graduate catalog for further detailed descriptions of the university's academic degree and program requirements.

  • Satisfy Total Degree Hours
  • Overall GPA 
  • Meet Residency Requirements
  • Other Specified Program Requirements
Major/Minor Requirements
Each department sets forth its individual requirements for a major and a minor. However, the minimum number of semester hours for all majors is 30; the maximum number is the stated major plus four hours. Additional work in the major will count as free electives and may be used toward graduation requirements.
A student should choose a major field of study as early as possible. All students must 'declare' a major and minor prior to the junior year. A student changing his/her major or minor must notify Belmont Central immediately.
A student may seek licensure to teach in the State of Tennessee by completing State licensure requirements through the College of Education. Forms are available in the Belmont Central Office.
For more information on major/minor requirements, please refer to the current university catalog.
Graduation with Honors

Academic honors are awarded to undergraduate degree recipients and are calculated based on all grades from all institutions of higher education attended.

Cum Laude (with honors) - Students who earn a Grade Point Average (GPA) between 3.50 - 3.749
Magna Cum Laude (with high honors) - Students who earn a GPA between 3.75 - 3.949
Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors) - Students who earn a GPA between 3.950 - 4.00

The university approved attire for graduation is a cap and gown as distributed by the university. Academic honor cords (Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude) and Alpha Chi cords and Belmont Scholar are issued by the university during rehearsal to qualified undergraduate candidates. Masters and doctoral candidates should wear hoods to commencement as received during their respective hooding ceremonies.

Please Note:
Cords or stoles awarded through individual academic disciplines, or fraternities/sororities, are NOT eligible to be worn at the university commencement ceremony.