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Global Leadership Studies Class at Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN. Photo Credit: Mary Ellen Pethel

Student Stories

Meet our Global Leadership Studies Changemakers

WHO WE ARE: We are campus leaders in Belmont's Office of Leadership Development (BOLD), Greek life, Hispanic Student Association, Towering Traditions, Alpha Chi Honor Society, International Justice Mission, AMTA Mock Trial and United Nations Association. We are student athletes, Bruin Recruiters, Honors Program scholars and Spiritual Life Assistants.

WHAT WE STUDY: In addition to majoring in Global Leadership Studies (GLS), we double major in Economics, Social Entrepreneurship, International Politics, Organizational Communication and foreign languages. We are social justice and conflict transformation experts. We minor in History, Social Justice, Marketing, Public Relations and foreign languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish). 

HOW WE APPLY WHAT WE LEARN: We are interns for: international global supply chain companies, refugee organizations, Metro Nashville's mayor's office, Thistle Farms and other non-profit agencies and NGO's across the world. We are ESL teachers, corporate translators, global market researchers, Lumos Travel Award recipients and graduate students.

WHO WE WANT TO BE: Future in-country liaisons, international hospitality managers, economic and community developers, global social work practitioners, mission leaders, advocates for orphan justice, lawyers helping others find their voice in the midst of conflict and oppression. 

  • Shannon Fish
    Shannon Fish
    "This major has been a gateway to allow me to step into the international field with developed cultural awareness and emotional intelligence... " Read Shannon's bio below.
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  • Victoria Berry
    Victoria Berry
    "Being a virtual intern with a global supply chain company in Madrid gave me important global leadership skills..." Read Victoria's bio below.
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  • Kelly Boggs
    Kelly Boggs
    "Once I discovered the Global Leadership Studies (GLS) program at Belmont, I knew it was the right fit for me. I no longer had to choose one of my many passions because GLS allows me to engage all of them..." Read Kelly's bio below.
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  • Sarah Brackin
    Sarah Brackin
    "Being a part of the tennis team has provided me with other leadership opportunities such as being a representative for the Student-Athletic Advisory Committee. I feel that through my GLS studies I have been able to be a better leader on and off the court..." Read Sarah's bio below.
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  • Makenzie Emmert
    Makenzie Emmert
    "I've built my degree around my specific passions in pursuit of our program’s question, “What world problem do you want to solve?” Our program has completely transformed the way I view the world and has set me on a solid path personally, academically, and professionally...." Read Makenzie's bio below.
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  • Claire Faulkenberry
    Claire Faulkenberry
    "I spent the fall of my junior year studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I took courses in Prostitution and The Sex Trade in Europe and Human Trafficking in a Global Context. This was hands-down the most life-changing experience I have had in college. I experienced the world at an entirely new level, learning about things that were tailored to my specific interests..." Read Claire's bio below.
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  • Sara Montgomery
    Sara Montgomery
    "Regardless of where I work or how far up the leadership chain I am, I want to be working hands on with the community I am serving and GLS allows me to reach that goal..." Read Sara's bio below.
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  • Lauryn Raleigh
    Lauryn Raleigh
    "My hopes are to enter into the criminal justice and nonprofit side of law and be able to represent prostitutes and sexual exploitation victims legally and systemically..." Read Lauryn's bio below.
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  • Elizabeth Sutphin
    Elizabeth Sutphin
    "I spent the summer of a lifetime studying abroad at Queen’s University Belfast & learning about conflict transformation and social justice. Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I've ever made, as it taught me more than I could ever say about myself and the world around me..." Read Elizabeth's bio below.
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  • Farris Turner
    Farris Turner
    "The GLS program is such a tight knit community that never fails to make me feel seen and cared for in ways that go far beyond what is expected of a university program..." Read Farris's bio below.
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  • Samantha Whitt
    Samantha Whitt
    "The opportunity to travel abroad and actually experience the things that I am learning about is unmatched..." Read Samantha's bio below.
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