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Global Leadership Studies students abroad at Queen's University Belfast

Global Leadership Studies Major

Transform Your Ideals Into Action

Global Leadership Studies offers you the ability to change the world in very unique ways. As an innovative and interdisciplinary degree, GLS equips you with the skills and knowledge to take your passion for making the world a better place and shape your ideal global career and leadership path in a rapidly changing world.

You’ll engage with different people, ideologies, and cultures through challenging, yet rewarding, academic courses and experiences. You’ll become fluent in leadership, global awareness and cultural identity, preparing you to work in a variety of organizations that operate across cultural, ideological and geographical boundaries.

Courses in leadership, communication, business, political science, psychology, history, religion, and language will empower you to think past the traditional and find new ways to combat the problems our world faces today. You'll be able to:

  • Exercise civic leadership through a collaborative service learning process
  • Practice leadership through advocacy for social change
  • Exercise leadership to make progress on personal and local/global community issues
  • Apply leadership scholarship as it relates to current events, case studies, and ethical dilemmas with a global context

As a GLS student, you are welcomed into a tight-knit, supportive community empowered by ideas of advocating for others, speaking up about injustice and actively learning how to solve issues of pressing concern to society at local, state, national and international levels.

Interdisciplinary and Innovative

Successfully addressing global issues depends on a mindset much broader than any one discipline or department can offer. That’s why global leadership studies cultivates an interdisciplinary way of thinking that blends insights from multiple perspectives. 

That means that as a global leadership studies major, you’ll benefit from small class sizes and mentoring by interdisciplinary faculty, who bring the expertise and resources of multiple departments at Belmont.

You’ll take classes in sociology, macroeconomics and world religions. A concentrated area emphasis and a required minor allow you to focus on areas of potential specialty. The top 5 double majors and minors for GLS students include: Organizational Communication, Economics, Social Justice, Marketing and Foreign Languages (including, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.). Learn more about how our students are putting global leadership studies into action.

Global Leadership Studies is part of Interdisciplinary Studies and Global Education, Belmont’s hub for interdisciplinary learning and global engagement, including  undergraduate majors in Global Leadership Studies, Legal Studies/3+3,  Belmont’s Honors Program, Study Abroad and more.