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Fall 2022 Intramural Schedule

Welcome to the Belmont FitRec Intramurals page, your one stop shop for all things IM going on during the 2022-2023 season. Scroll below to see all our offerings and descriptions for each.


These are our three-to-four-week seasons where you can register your squad and compete against others in a schedule format with a playoff tournament at the end. Each intramural champion will receive one of our sweet new intramural champ t-shirts (more info to come, see our socials). Keep scrolling to see our schedule for all our leagues!

3v3 Futsal

Registration: September 1
League Dates: September 6-29

Event Description: If you enjoy fast paced indoor soccer, this is the sport for you. With only six players on the court always and only half of our rec gym court at your disposal, this league is meant for those who love to go fast. Divisions are open for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, so register your team below! Registration deadline is September 1 @ Noon!

Click here to register!

Click here to download the 3v3 Futsal rules!

3v3 Basketball

Registration Deadline: September 1
League Dates: September 6-29

Event Description: Also taking place in our rec gym is 3 on 3 basketball! Grab two friends and hit the courts in this quick, self-officiated spin on pick-up basketball. You think you can beat the best Belmont has to offer? Then come out and compete for one of our Intramural Champion t-shirts. Registration deadline is September 1 @ Noon!

Click here to register!

Click here to download the 3v3 basketball rules!

6 on 6 Volleyball

Registration: October 17
League Dates: October 24-November 17

Event Description: A fan-favorite on the Belmont campus, 6v6 volleyball is back and better than ever. We want YOU to be a part of this season, so bring out all your friends and sign up for this awesome league! Registration opens on September 26th and closes on October 17th!

Click here to register!

Click here to download the 6 on 6 volleyball rules!


Is the commitment of a long season keeping you from playing in our leagues? Do you want more opportunities to play some of our biggest sports? Then you would love tournaments. These could go anywhere from one night to an entire week of single and double elimination play, with the same prize at the end (our sweet t-shirts and more).

Spikeball Tournaments

Registration: September 2 and November 21

Event Description:  This semester, we are offering TWO opportunities to play in a spikeball tournament. The first will take place on September 2nd on the lawn, and the second will take place on November 28th inside of the rec gym. Sign up for both below for your chance at spikeball glory! Registration ends on September 2nd and November 21st for both tournaments.

Click here to register!

Click here to download the spikeball rules!

6v6 Volleyball Tournament

Registration: September 26
Event Date: October 3-6

Event Description: Want to get your squad ready for our 6v6 season later in the semester? We are hosting a one-week tournament from October 3rd until October 6th to do just that! Get your team ready by signing up below! Registration begins on September 5th and ends on September 26th.

Click here to register!

Click here to download the 6v6 volleyball rules!

5v5 Futsal Tournament

Registration:  October 3

Event Dates:  October 10-13

Description: We didn’t forget about our futsal folks. From October 10th until October 13th, we are hosting a 5v5 tournament to make sure you get in all the futsal you want! Of course, while also competing for an intramural champion shirt! Registration begins on September 12th and ends on October 3rd.

Click here to register!

Click here to download the 5v5 Futsal rules!

Pickleball Tournament

Registration: October 31-November 21
Tournament Dates: November 29-30

Event Description: Paddle up and get down to the rec gym where we will be hosting a pickleball tournament on November 29th and 30th! This event will be double elimination and self-officiated! Sign up below if interested. Registration begins on October 31st and ends on November 21st.

Click here to register!

Click here to download the Pickleball rules!

Tennis Tournaments

Registration Deadline: September 12
Tournament Dates: September 14-15

Event Description: Some of our favorite tournaments of the year are our tennis tournaments. We offer singles and doubles tournaments, all from the Belmont tennis courts (located at the top of the South garage). More info to come on dates for this but check back on our social media accounts or come ask us at FitRec!

Click here to register!

Click here to download the Tennis rules!


Free Play Events

If you want to play sports without the trouble of signing up, we offer free play events too! See the schedule of events below for all our free play opportunities. Just show up and play with us! Find more information at the FitRec front desk or on our social media pages.

August 29-September 1 - Free Play Week (more info to come!)

September 9 – Kickball on the lawn

September 23 - Family weekend, tailgate games

October 7 – Cornhole on the lawn

October 21 - Pickleball

November 4 – Flag football on the lawn

December 2nd - 1v1 Basketball Tournament

*Registration ends and begins for all events at 11:59 AM on the days provided