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Curb Event Center Arena

The Curb Event Center Arena offers state-of-the-art facilities for athletics, concerts, speakers, trade shows, meetings, conferences, dinners, receptions and consumer shows. The Belmont Bruins NCAA Division 1 basketball and volleyball teams play in the arena, which is maintained and operated by fully digital, computerized systems and represents state-of-the-art production capabilities. The space has 5,000 permanent seats in an oval configuration, and a permanent maple hardwood floor, with full-size basketball courts, and eight concourse-level suites.

Private Suites

The Curb Event Center has eight beautiful sky boxes overlooking the arena. Each has a partial glass wall, suspended ceiling, recessed lighting, taupe cabinetry, and personalized interiors. From a sky box, your experience includes all the comforts of home with an extraordinary view of the event unfolding right before your eyes.

Locker/Dressing Rooms

The Curb Event Center houses full locker rooms and complete laundry facilities for all university sports, as well as visiting team, referees and coaches' full locker rooms. These areas may also be used as dressing rooms. In this part of the CEC, there are treatment rooms, training rooms, weight facilities, and ice machines for use.

Green Room/Media Room

Equipped with phone lines, fax lines, and high-speed Internet access, this room comfortably meets the needs of journalists and artists alike.

TV Control Room

Sixteen permanent camera lines run to a TV control room. Located directly off arena floor, loading dock and media room; contains five phone lines.

Common Uses 

Athletic events, concerts, speakers, trade shows, conferences, dinners, receptions.

graduation setup
concert setup
speaker setup
expo setup

1) Graduation setup 
2) Concert event setup 
3) Speaker event setup
4) Expo event setup


> Capacity – 5,500 seated, fixed theatre style
> ADA accessible
> A/V capabilities
> 20,000 square feet
> Private suites, locker/dressing rooms, green/media room, TV control room

Common Uses:

> Athletic events
> Concerts
> Speakers
> Trade shows
> Conferences
> Dinners
> Receptions

Directions and Parking

Curb Event Center is located just off of Belmont Boulevard on the southwest corner of campus. There is free, lighted parking for more than 800 vehicles in a parking garage adjacent to the CEC and Wright and Maddox Halls. Entrances are located off of 15th Avenue and Soccer Field Drive in front of Wright and Maddox Halls and off of Bernard Avenue. For more details on parking, please click here.

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For more information regarding booking this or any other space on campus to host an upcoming event, please visit University Scheduling.