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Secondary Education

Secondary (Grades 6-12)

Secondary Education at Belmont University allows candidates to be licensed for teaching in middle schools and high schools. Each candidate majors in a content area consistent to what they will teach in grades 6 through 12. Some of our candidates use their additional coursework and knowledge to add on other areas of certification to their 6 through 12 license through successful completion of the Praxis II Content Area Assessment. Occasionally some of our candidates, through their content majors are only a few courses away from adding on an additional certification. For example, because of our emphasis on advocacy for families and children, particularly those whose heritage language may not be English, with the addition of three courses our English majors can add-on an English as a Second Language certification.


Licensure Areas/Content Majors for Secondary Education

The strong liberal arts general education, plus the content major, added to the Education licensure courses makes our candidates particularly strong teachers of content and teaching skills. Our candidates are in high demand because at Belmont we license our secondary teachers to teach either in middle schools or high schools. The following is the list of certification areas that Belmont licenses secondary students:

• Biology 6-12
• Chemistry 6-12
• English 6-12
• French 6-12
• German 6-12
• Government 6-12
• History 6-12
• Latin 6-12
• Mathematics 6-12
• Physics 6-12
• Psychology 9-12- Job-embedded or add-on endorsement only
• Sociology 9-12- Job-embedded or add-on endorsement only
• Spanish 6-12

If you are interested in teaching at the secondary level we have several licensure pathways to help you achieve your career goals. We allow you to curate your graduate experience by selecting one of the following pathways:
Internship Program 
Metro Nashville Urban Teacher Residency Program  
Student Teaching Program