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Math Teacher Residency

Belmont University Math Teacher Residency

Are you ready to make a difference?

The Belmont University Math Teacher Residency is a 1-year program during which students will earn initial teaching licensure in secondary mathematics and a master’s degree in teaching. If you are selected for enrollment in this innovative program, you will earn a salary and benefits working as an instructional aide, while also being provided a scholarship for 86% of the tuition cost of the graduate degree.  Based on support from the Tennessee Department of Education and Belmont University, residents will pay a total tuition cost of approximately $7,000 for the program, which is an 86% discount of Belmont's standard tuition.  You will work in a Middle Tennessee school (potentially in a rural setting) alongside a supportive team, including an experienced mentor teacher, whose aim is to help you become a successful full-time teacher in that community. Residents are part of a cohort of educators growing and developing together to meet their goal in becoming equipped to teach mathematics to all learners. Following your completion of the program you will continue working in this district for four years with the continued support of this community of educators.

  • One year program to earn initial licensure, a master’s degree in teaching, and teaching experience all while working in a real classroom
  • Online coursework with meaningful on campus experiences offered each semester
  • Combination of high quality, professional preparation for teaching and real-world experience with mentors and colleagues
  • Continued support as you continue to work within the district
What are the key components of the program?
  • Content Area preparation through supportive math boot camps
  • Teaching licensure in secondary mathematics and option for ESL
  • Meaningful classroom experience for one year in sponsor district
  • Impactful coursework, delivered online with key on campus experiences
  • Individualized support and coaching from Belmont faculty, Belmont and district supervisors, and a mentor teacher
What sort of help is there to help me master the math content?

All applicants must pass appropriate content area tests in order to begin coursework; however, you will not be tackling this alone. All approved applicants will receive support through intensive math boot camps and online tutoring to pass appropriate content area tests (Praxis math, NES).

These boot camps are conducted by Belmont math professors and are designed to help candidates master the content that they will need pass all relevant content exams and to enter the classroom confidently. This summer, support sessions will be delivered for candidates in each of the areas of the Praxis with individualized supported in areas where students feel most challenged. Students will also participate in ongoing online support through 240Tutoring. With Belmont faculty support we can help you expand upon your math knowledge and confidently master all of the mathematics that you need to become a successful secondary math teacher.

What classroom experience will I gain?

All applicants will also be hired within their sponsor district as an instructional aide. This paid position that includes benefits will serve as the clinical residence placement while each candidate completes their coursework.  These experiences allow candidates to spend a full year under the guidance of a master teacher and gradually take on more teaching responsibilities. Candidates are able to immerse themselves in the culture of their host school and prepare to eventually take on a full time role within that community.

What coursework will I take?

Online coursework will be delivered with key on campus support events that is delivered with the aim of helping candidates master teaching competencies while engaging in meaningful daily work with students. The coursework is designed to help each candidate master all of the competencies needed to become a successful teacher. Coursework focuses on classroom pedagogy as well as understanding the nuanced challenges that our teachers and challenges face.

Candidates complete coursework that address foundational educational issues (Contemporary Issues in Education, Advanced Educational Psychology, Human Development), and Diverse Learners), courses that help candidates master appropriate classroom pedagogy (Secondary Math Methods, Middle School Perspectives), and courses that help candidates support all learners (Literacy across the Math Curriculum, Introduction to English Language Learners, and Literacy in the Family Community Area). Finally, candidates will also participate in seminar coursework that provides targeted support to the issues that they are each facing in the classroom daily.

Who is there to support me?

Each candidate is supported by a team of experienced individuals to ensure that they are able to master and improve their teaching pedagogy every step of the way. Candidates work within an experienced mentor teacher’s classroom to observe and gradually take on responsibility in their assigned classroom. Individuals received daily feedback from their mentor teacher, weekly feedback on their lessons and activities from Belmont faculty, biweekly observations from their supervisor, and a team of professional available to provide feedback and support every step of the way.


Want to know more? Register for one of the upcoming Virtual Information Sessions:
  • Thursday, November 17th - 4:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, December 7th - 6:00 p.m. 
  • Monday, December 12th - 6:00 p.m.

To register, please email Crystal Randolph ( or click this link to fill out the registration form.