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In total, the Ph.D. program will be a 60 credit-hour program delivered to cohorts of fifteen to twenty working leaders. The program can be completed part-time within four years. It will include 51 credit hours of course credit, which may include up to 12 credit hours of approved previous graduate credit. The curriculum is purposefully multi-disciplinary to give aspiring leaders in education, business, nonprofit and faith-based organizations the attitudes, ethics, skills and knowledge for becoming exceptional leaders in their chosen fields. 

The Core courses are specifically designed for all Ph.D. candidates in the program. Research courses are sequentially designed to give students skills to successfully complete a research based dissertation and to develop the understanding to successfully use research processes as leaders in their chosen fields. Areas of concentration are offered in Educational Leadership, Management/Entrepreneurship, Faith and Justice Leadership, and Nonprofit Leadership. Students may select courses from different areas of concentration based on their particular needs.

A dissertation proposal is required and must be approved by the student’s dissertation committee, consisting of three faculty members jointly approved by the student and the dissertation committee chair. The completed dissertation earns nine semester hours over an expected timeline of 12 calendar months.

29 courses are offered in the core, research and content specialties. The courses below are examples and do not include all possible courses offered:

Core Course Requirements (24 Credits)

  • EDL 6010N: Leadership: Theory to Practice
  • EDL 6020N: Emotional Intelligence and Servant Leadership
  • ETP 6510: The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • EDL 6100: Equity and Social Justice
  • EDL 6120: Strategic Planning in Educational Organizations
  • EDL 6200: Leadership for Change and Innovation
  • BSA 6820: Predictive Analytics

Research Methodology (12 Credits)

  • EDL 6710: Qualitative Methods
  • EDL 6750: Applied Research in Education

Areas of Concentration (15 Credits)

Educational Leadership Concentration
  • EDL 6010E: Educational Policy and Advocacy
Faith and Justice Leadership Concentration 
  • CTM 6401: Faith and Civic Engagement
Management/Entrepreneurship Concentration 
  • MGT 6900: Human Resource Management