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Students work in video control room


Cinematographer/Director of Photography

A Cinematographer or Director of Photography (DP) is responsible for the artistic and technical decisions related to the image and gives direction to the camera and lighting crews working on a film, television production or other live-action piece.

Camera Operator

Camera Operators have the technical expertise to capture a wide range of material for TV shows, motion pictures, music videos, news and sporting events. Most Camera Operators work in the television, live event or motion picture industries.

Live Events

Skilled audio and video technicians have a wide range of opportunities in the live production environment, including corporate events, concert tours and venue production.


All video-related projects are supported by a team of professionals responsible for post-production activities including picture and sound editing, music placement and composition, visual effects, audio mixing and color correction.

Post-Production Supervisor

The post-production supervisor works alongside the directors and producers to coordinate the overall post-production process, overseeing timeline, personnel and budget.

Video Editor

A video editor utilizes digital video equipment and software to transform a work from raw camera footage to a final product after all video or film has been shot.

Video Producer

A television, film or video producer oversees a project from concept to completion and manages the project finances. A producer may also be involved in marketing and distributing the finished product.

Students have interned for various local television stations including:

WKRN Channel-2 (ABC), WTVF Channel-5 (CBS), WSMV Channel-4 (NBC), WZTV Channel-17 (Fox), WNPT Channel-8 (NPT)

Entertainment agencies where students have gained internship experience include:

Headline Country, Warner Music Nashville, Storyville USA, Tacklebox Films, Franklin Theatre, Big Idea Entertainment