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A photo of a script being held on set.

Film & Television Writing

When they say, "It all begins with a script." they're right...


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Natalie Peterson
Admissions Coordinator
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A screenplay is a set of plans, not an end product. Screenwriters work with other people to bring their pages to life. At first, students and teachers. Then, actors, directors, production designers, editors, and studios, networks, and on and on to shepherd an idea to script and finally to screen.

Starting freshman year, Film & Television Writing majors learn the history of film and the structure of a well-designed story, then build on that foundation through script analysis, advancing levels of screenwriting, for television and film. Our goal is for you to leave Belmont with five fully developed, ready-to-go scripts.

A great satisfaction in teaching is showing students they can do finer writing than they ever dreamed. Our writing faculty are Hollywood veterans with as much as 30 years experience. There's no question a student can ask that we can't answer.

Our teachers are deeply interested in the students' learning, welfare, and joy of being in a building full of people who can't wait to make movies and television.