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Students mix the audio for a fellow student recording a session at Ocean Way Nashville.


Majoring in Creative & Entertainment Industries (CEI) prepares you for a vast amount of career options. Since the major allows students to learn about multiple industries within the creative economy, customize your study with a related minor and intern in an industry you wish to work, the jobs that are available are exciting and multiple-faceted. The following is mere snapshot of some of the jobs student pursue upon graduation.

Talent Agent

A talent agent in the entertainment industries will seek engagements for individuals going into TV, film, theater, sports and music. They need to have great relationships with casting directors, managers and producers, have strong negotiation skills, energetic, charismatic and be strong advocates for the clientele they represent.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Working in any aspect of entertainment in Social Media and Digital Marketing will come with the responsibilities of managing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. They may also be involved in developing digital marketing campaigns that integrate social media content with other online platforms including websites, streaming services and online advertising. They use these platforms to share brand content and build fan affinity on behalf of clients such as actors, athletes, comedians, musicians, television shows, films, video games or any type of entertainment product.

Public Relations Manager

A public relations manager in entertainment will help develop and manage the public image of actors, musicians, comedians, athletes or other clientele such as companies or products. They may field stories about their client, influence public opinion by using all forms of media to enhance or repair reputations. They will often be along-side actors or musicians at red carpet events like the Oscars or Grammy’s in order to obtain interviews with media outlets.

Entertainment Product Manager

Product managers in entertainment, whether for games, mobile apps or music often coordinate with multiple sources inside and outside a company. They may be responsible for developing marketing plans, coordinating with research departments or keep lines of communication open between public relations, marketing, promotion and distribution in order to ensure an effective and efficient product launch.

Editorial Producer or Talent Manager

Editorial producers may be responsible for wide array of duties including the booking of all guests for media content, be the primary person in charge of welcoming guests, taking talent on tours, guiding them to and from various production projects and handle the booking of all guests for live events, such as red carpets and Cons. They must be comfortable and able to book guests and plan out long-term booking strategies that support the various content initiatives. They often need high-level of knowledge when it comes business, including publishing, television, film and gaming.