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Foundational courses include: Digital Citizenship, Entrepreneurial Media, Content Creation, Introduction to Data Science, Augmented Reality, Media Ethics and more. Students may consider minoring in complimentary areas including, but not limited to, Political Science, Data Science, Biology, History, Economics, Psychology or Neuroscience. Students will discuss genome editing, designer babies, transhumanism and other weighty topics. They may wish to choose an area within Media Studies to maximize their core discipline by minoring in Journalism or Video Production.

In addition to course work, Emerging Media majors are encouraged to study abroad, intern and to participate in Belmont USA. Visiting Silicon Valley, interning at Google, Apple or Amazon or studying digital planning policy in Washington are all options for students in this plan of study.

Emerging Media Catalog

Technical Requirements

  • CSC 1020 Inquiry Through Computer Science
  • MDS 1700 Digital Citizenship

Major Requirements

  • MDS 1130 Writing for New Media
  • MDS 1450 Survey of Digital Technology
  • MDS 2300 Entrepreneurial Media
  • MDS 4110 Media Ethics
  • MDS 2110 Digital Content Creation
  • MDS 2120 Podcasting
  • MDS 2230 Digital Storytelling
  • MDS 4100 Communication Law

Major Electives

Choose 4 courses, including at least one 2000 level course:
  • MOT 1115 Art of Storytelling
  • MOT 1500 History of Television and Digital Media
  • ART 1700 Principles of Web Page Design
  • MDS 2130 Advance Storytelling for New Media
  • MDS 3230 Motion Graphics for Multimedia Production
  • PUB 3310 Media Relations and Branding
  • MDS 3940 Directed Studies
  • MDS 4130 Documentary Project
  • MDS 4000 Digital Media Internship