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Students mix the audio for a fellow student recording a session at Ocean Way Nashville.


Majoring in Audio Engineering Technology (AET) prepares you for a vast amount of career options. Customize your study with a related minor and intern in an industry you wish to work, the jobs that are available are exciting and multiple-faceted. The following is mere snapshot of some of the jobs student pursue upon graduation.

Recording Studio Engineer

Recording engineers capture and help create musical performances through recording, editing and mixing.

Live Sound Engineer

Live sound engineers design, maintain and operate sound reinforcement systems at many different types of events, including concerts, theater and sports.

Audio For Video Engineer

Movies, television, videos, gaming – all require an audio engineer who can create or blend a wide variety of sounds that bring the images on a screen to life.

Audio Equipment/Software Designer

Audio equipment and software require someone with a background in audio engineering to best develop products for that market.

Audio Research

Audio is a fast-growing field with many facets, and research within audio companies and universities is an important element in the design, manufacture and use of audio technology.