Dance students perform on stage at the end of the year showcase

Department of Theatre & Dance

College of Music & Performing Arts

The Belmont University Theatre & Dance program is a student-centered professional training program that prepares students for work in the performing arts industry. It is committed to a liberal arts foundation as an effective means of preparing students who want to pursue theatre as a life’s work.

This commitment is reflected in the system of training that stresses the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the theatrical performance and production process.

Theatre & Dance Events

Mission, Vision, and Values


Our mission is to mentor students in the development of their artistic skills, creative abilities, and critical faculties by providing them with a solid foundation of history, theory, technique, and practical experience in the theatre and related disciplines.


The Department of Theatre & Dance is committed to developing compassionate, well-rounded artist, possessing a professional work ethic and a desire to serve the greater community through the transformative power of the performing arts.


  • The ideal of ensemble and collaboration to create truly transformative art
  • Challenging students through rigorous training in a liberal arts setting
  • Students with personal integrity and a strong work-ethic
  • Diverse student artists with a broad range of competencies
  • Theatre that integrates the artistic with the academic
  • An actor training program with an intensive foundation in the Meisner technique
  • Creating a compassionate Christian program that endorses the entertainment artist’s civic and moral duty to engage and transform the world locally and globally.


Please visit the CMPA about page for information about program accreditation.

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