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Photo of a student presenting for a Business Plan Competition.

Thomas F. Cone Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship

Our Alumni have started 629 businesses in 84 cities around the world  
Of the businesses started, 75% are still in business

Business students come to Belmont and study entrepreneurship for a variety of reasons. Some want to start their own businesses, others want special training for a start-up or family business, and still others know they simply do not want to work for anyone else. If you identify with one or more of these reasons, consider joining one of the fastest growing majors in the nation, at one of the strongest programs available — the Thomas F. Cone Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship in the Jack C. Massey College of Business at Belmont University.

National Recognition

Our program has been named a National Model Undergraduate Program for excellence in entrepreneurship education by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), as well as a national Top 25 Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program by the Princeton Review. In 2010, our program was featured by Fortune magazine as one of five schools to consider when studying entrepreneurship. These awards and distinctions place Belmont's Thomas F. Cone Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship among the most exceptional entrepreneurship programs in the country.

Co-curricular Programming

The hands-on approach offered by the Thomas F. Cone Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship sets us apart from other programs and helps our students hit the ground running. Student entrepreneurs are given opportunities to work in one of several student-run retail spaces on campus or they can develop their own business ventures with faculty support. This co-curricular programming equips students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

Belmont's Thomas F. Cone Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship offers learning options for students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduates can major in Entrepreneurship by pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree within Belmont’s Undergraduate School of Business. An Entrepreneurship minor is also available for students outside of the business school. Graduate business students, through The Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business, can expand their business education through the Center's graduate-level courses.

By the Numbers

Typically, around a third of the students concentrating in entrepreneurship create businesses that are their main or sole source of income after graduation. Within five years of graduation, we expect half of our alumni to have started their own businesses. Graduates who don't go into business for themselves will find careers in entrepreneurial businesses owned by others or in traditional corporate settings.

Whatever your path or vision, our Thomas F. Cone Sr. Center for Entrepreneurship has the expertise, passion and values to prepare you for your own entrepreneurial venture.