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BURS - 2015

BURS Papers 2015

Art History

Lee, Madison Elizabeth. “Investigating and Questioning Power in the Hands of a Woman.”

Samuelsen, Elena. “What About the Male Nude?”.

Tichenor, Bailey. “When Miniatures and Photography Collide.”

Waller, Grace Ann. “Religion and Humanism in the Italian Renaissance: Church and Political Gardens.”



Bigness, Amanda, and Robert Grammer. “Chemotaxis Response in Caenorhabditis elegans to an Olfactory Repellent Paired with Nicotine.”

Bonaparte, Sarah C., and Jennifer T. Thomas. “HPV-Positive Cervical Cancer Cells Show Generally Reduced Levels of IFN-Alpha.”

Ford, Olivia M. and Jennifer T. Thomas. “The Evaluation of Interferon-beta Levels in HPV-positive Cervical Cancer Cell Lines.”

Guckes, Kirsten R., Maria Hadjifrangiskou, Jennifer T. Thomas, and Himesh Zaver. “Bacterial Fight Club: Two-Component Signaling Cascades and Type VI Secretion System Cross-Interactions Benefit Bacterial Fitness in Uropathogenic E.coli.”

Helms, Jordan D., and Jennifer T. Thomas. “Panton-Valentine Leukocidin Exotoxin Found in Intermediate Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Samples on Belmont University’s Campus.”

Holt, John and Robert Grammer. “Determining the Effects of Invasive Plant Species on Soil Environments with C. elegans Chemotaxis Bioassays.”

Hsu, Alicia and Robert Grammer. “The Effects of Different Dosages of 𝛼-lipoic Acid on the Chemotaxis of Caenorhabditis elegans at Various Stages of Adulthood.”

Shepherd, Rebekah A., and Jennifer T. Thomas. “Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolate on Belmont University’s Campus is Negative for PBP2a as the Mechanism of Resistance.”

Smith, Justin R. and Jennifer T. Thomas. “Bacterial Disease and Treatment And Genetic Manipulation Increases Rates of DNA Exchange in the Bacterium Acinetobacter baumannii.”

Tran, Khang, and Robert Grammer. “The Appetite Suppressing Effects of Nicotine on Caenorhabditis elegans Chemotaxis to E. coli.”


Communication Studies

Faircloth, John Thomas. “Reaffirming Remembrance: How Israel Disseminates Fantasy Themes Through Holocaust Commemoration.”

McAlister, Ansley S. “The Amish Gossip, Too.”



Fralick, Braxton. “The Legacy of Boss Tweed on Tammany Hall.”    

Kisshauer, Cassia. “Reinhold Niebhur: His Perspective on Desegregation as Influenced by Christian Realism.”

Weber, Erin Michelle. “A Gilded Age, A Gilded Man: How P.T. Barnum Transformed the Circus in the Gilded Age.”



Emery, Jessica.The Influence of Handel’s Passacaglia from Keyboard Suite No. 7 HWV 432 on Halvorsen’s Passacaglia in G minor for Violin and Viola.”

Glover, Caroline. “Anti-Semitism in Bach’s St. John Passion.”

Hagan, Abigail. “The Power of Music Therapy.”

Jackson, Christien. “The Evolution of Classical Music in the Past 30 Years.”

Salminen, Andrew R. “Music and the Human Need for Social Identity and Emotional Impulse.”

Thomas, Derik. “The Formal Structure and Biographical Significance of Mozart’s Sonata No. 8 K. 310 Movement I Allegro Maestoso.”


Bouldin, Lauryn and Robert Grammer. “Override of Thermal Stimuli in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Public Relations 

Albracht, Makenzie L., Brewer, Sarah Kate, Davis, Mary Anna, McBride, Megan M., Schrader, Arielle B., and Van Dyke, Aryn M. “Best Buddies Friendship Walk: Raising Awareness and Participation.”

Brookshire, Chloe A., Lied, Margot A., Martin, Meredith K., Phillips, Sarah R., Wilson, MacKenzie L. “Delight Ministries Inaugural Summer Series: A Social Media Invitation For College Women Seeking Christ-Centered Community.”

Cardarelli, Jillian M., Considine, Aubrey N., Figueroa, Adriana M., Shirley, Aaron, Sobon, M. Clare, and Stern Kacy Gieg. “‘Rescue Nashville’: Improving the Culture of Pet Care.”

Hutchinson, Kelsey A., Miller, Dee D., Pomarico, Samuel T., Register, Audrey N., Steddom, Jessica R., Thrailkill, Emily B., and Washington, Ashley. “‘Wherefore Art Thou?’: A Campaign to Increase the Awareness and Use of Metro Art’s New Mobile Website,”



Bond, Robert, Madison Bradford, and Chelsae Parris. “The Power of Fear: The Effect Of Threat On Perceived Proximity.”

Cooper, Stephanie, Julisa Nunez, Maragaret Rittler, and Lauren Weaver. “Man in the Mirror: How Sadness Affects Eye-Gaze and Speed of Emotion Recognition.”

Dudley, Heather. “Bridging the Gap: Predictors of Willingness to Engage in an Intercultural Interaction.”

Fox, Lauren, Jacob Huffman, Hannah Mariani, and Eric McAnally. “The Effect of Positive Mood Induction on Eye Fixation in a Visual Search Task.”

Gumucio, Alexandria, Heater Jelonek, Seth Strobel, and Tanisha Williams. “Illusory Conjunctions: Gender and the Misperception of Happy, Neutral, and Angry Emotions.”

McAnnally, Eric. “The Sense of Presence and Fantasy Proneness: An Exploration of Virtual Reality.


Social Work

Arstikaitis, Miranda, Sarah Balding, Maggie Harahan, and Elizabeth Pirani. “Insure Tennessee.”

Boyer, Victoria C., Paige N. Hardman, Brittany K. McGavic, Amy M. Vailliencourt and Winona Yellowhammer. “Asphyxiation in Primary Schools: Exposing the Unethical Practice of Prone Restraint.”

Durham, Allison, Emilie Paulus, Kamrie Reed, and Cherish Woodard. “Community Safety at the Expense of Student Well-Being?”

Moore, Sarah and Rebecca Sanders. “Mandatory Waiver For Juvenile Gang Members In Tennessee.”



Baumgardner, Daniel. “The Working Man’s America: An Examination of Clifford Odette’s Waiting for Lefty.

Jonsson, Aevar. “Characters in Search of a Purpose: Meaning in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.”

McCarthy, Johnna. "'Escaping from the Inescapable': Looking at Familial Abuse in August: Osage County.”

Sneed, Nikki.Clytemnestra as Femme Fatale.”

Vito, Ara. “Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice: A Contemporary Myth.”