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Ministry | Adult Degree

A bachelor's degree in ministry from Belmont University's Adult Degree Program equips you to serve and lead in a variety of ministry roles and organizational settings.

Why Major in Ministry? 

Our world is changing, and you may discover your place in it is changing, too. If you find yourself called to serve, a ministry degree from Belmont can help you follow that calling.

Designed to meet the needs of adult students currently involved in ministry work or career changers looking to answer God's call, this degree prepares you to lead, care and serve from a strong biblical and theological foundation.

Ministry graduates are employed in a variety of settings, including churches, social service agencies, educational institutions and corporations concerned with ethical issues. The Bachelor's Degree in Ministry also provides a strong foundation for graduate-level coursework.

Am I an Adult Student? 

Adult Degree applicants should be 24 years or older. However, exceptions for those under the age of 24 might include evidence of two years or more of military service, marriage or having a family of your own.

What makes Adult Degree Programs special?

Your Success is Personal: Our students are not one-sized fits all, and neither is our commitment to you. Your path to a college degree is unique, and we take your success as personally as you do. Our staff and faculty will be with you from the first point of contact all the way through graduation and beyond, providing personalized guidance and assistance so you don’t have to go it alone.

Education Designed to Elevate Your Career: Whatever adult degree program option you choose, a career-focused curriculum will help you elevate your current career or prepare you for new professional or personal opportunities. 

Unique Tuition Discount for Adult Degree Program Students: Belmont is dedicated to offering access to high-quality education for busy adults. Students in Belmont’s Adult Degree Program receive more than a 40% discount off of the tuition cost that traditional Belmont students pay for the very same quality, private school education.

What You'll Learn 

In addition to traditional courses in religion and church history, other innovative classes in the ministry degree focus on practical ministry, pastoral care, spiritual formation, leadership and more.

As you delve deep into your vocation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed for ministry work in today's world.

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Career Possibilities

A ministry degree from Belmont can open the door to a wide range of opportunities. You may choose to serve in a church or other religious setting or use your faith-based skills to serve as a leader in a professional or non-profit setting.

Here are just a few career paths that you can consider pursuing as you follow your call to serve:

  • Lead or Assistant Pastor
  • Non-Profit Leader
  • Children's Pastor
  • Mission-Driven Business Leader
  • Pastoral Care
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain
  • Devotional Writer
  • Counselor

Student Testimonial

“Finishing my degree at Belmont placed me in a position to apply for and qualify for jobs I would not otherwise have qualified for, and I have received two promotions since I graduated. It was also a platform to say, “Yes, I can do this” and continue on to earn my master's degree and my Ph.D. In my current job as Assistant Director of School Nutrition for Metro Nashville Public Schools, my ministry degree equipped me with the tools to tie other people into resources and allows me the opportunity to minister and show compassion every day.”

Dr. Braina Corke, Assistant Director of Nutrition Services, MNPS Schools and Associate Pastor, Temple Church
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Program Details


The ministry major leads to either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science and requires 128 hours of coursework.

  • BELL Core requirements: 53 hours
  • Religion major tool courses: 6 hours
  • Ministry major courses: 36 hours
  • General electives: 33 hours

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Request a free transfer credit analysis and see how your courses will transfer to Belmont University. (If preferred, I can provide direct link to the form - this was a landing page) 

Courses You'll Take

  • REL 1250, Introduction to New Testament and Exegetical Methods
    An advanced Biblical studies course for religion majors which focuses upon the interpretation of the New Testament and introduces the methodology of biblical exegesis.
  • REL 2350, Christian Doctrine
    A study of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • REL 1410, Vocation and the Christian Life
    An introduction to the study of religion with emphasis on research skills, writing, and personal development.
  • REL 2410, Spiritual Formation
    An emphasis upon using an entire lifetime to be formed by God. The course focuses upon personal discipline, spiritual reading, journal keeping, and dream interpretation as means of being attentive to God.
  • REL 2510, Christian Ethics
    An introduction to Christian Ethics, with attention given to methodology, biblical foundations, types of ethical thought, and Christian responsibility in relation to current social problems.
  • REL 4015, Colloquium for Religion Majors
    A colloquium designed as a capstone experience for majors which integrates biblical, theological, historical, and practical studies. The course focuses on the student as a practicing theologian.
  • World Religions (choose one course)
    • REL 3090 Spirituality in World Religions
      Does not count toward a major or minor in religion. A comparative exploration of spirituality in the major world religions and select indigenous peoples, examining how these traditions perceive the purpose of human life and ultimate concerns in relation to the divine. This course fulfills the Human Experience category B requirement of the BELL Core. It should be taken in the junior year, or as close to the junior year as possible.
    • REL 3095 Ethics in World Religions
      This course is an exploration of ethics and choice in the major world religions, examining how these traditions perceive the purpose of human life and ultimate concerns in relations to the Divine. This course explores the frameworks of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam.
    • REL 4590 World Religions
      A phenomenological study of the major world religions with emphasis on the attempts of each to deal with the problems which confront humans.
    • Any REL 3000 level Study Abroad course
  • REL 2310, Understanding Church History
    A general survey of the history of Christianity from its inception to the present. Particular attention given to significant ideas, persons, movements, and institutions.
  • REL 2450, Dynamics of the Local Church: Practice of Ministry
    A course designed to develop practical leadership skills for Christian ministry including time and money management, interpersonal relationships, decision making, leadership style, planning, organizing, and directing.
  • REL 2460, Education in the Church
    The study of the historical development of educational theory and expression with emphasis placed upon emerging educational theories and practices that influence Christian education. Emphasis is placed upon the development of Christian education.
  • REL 3430, Pastoral Care: Practice of Ministry
    The course will introduce students to the ministry of pastoral care, its history, traditions, and necessary skills within a variety of ministry settings. The course is designed to allow students to develop practical skills such as active listening and appropriate responses in light of pastoral care traditions, the meaning and formation of the pastoral relationship, the art of theological reflection in human situations, and exploration of a personal pastoral identity in context of ministry.
  • REL 3450, Missions and Church Development
    Course explores historic approaches to the missionary emphasis and development of the Christian church. Particular emphasis given to emerging strategies for missions and church development.
  • REL 3460, Worship and Preaching: Practice of Ministry
    A study of worship as the rehearsal of the acts of God by a believing community. Attention is given to the principles of preaching as part of worship.
  • REL 4410, Servant Leadership
    Exploration of current leadership theories and their application to the Christian Leadership environment. Particular attention given to the transformational aspects of servant leadership.

The admission decision process for the Adult Degree Program is different from what someone might experience right out of high school. To be eligible for an Adult Degree program,  applicants must be 24 years or older or provide evidence of two years or more of military service, marriage or having a family of your own.

Even if you struggled academically when you first attended college, the Belmont Admissions Committee looks at more than just your academic history. We also consider your professional experience and personal accomplishments as we review your application materials.

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