Why Hire From Belmont Law?

The College of Law provides a natural extension of Belmont University's mission and vision, which emphasize challenging academics, a service-minded approach, real-world experience and community leadership.  Belmont law graduates will be practice-ready attorneys, empowered by their education and co-curricular experiences to provide legal counsel in a variety of settings, with commitment to high standards of expertise and ethics.

Belmont Law boasts a distinguished faculty.  The Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law, Alberto R. Gonzales, served as the 80th Attorney General for the United States, Justice on the Texas Supreme Court, Texas Secretary of State, and Counsel to the President of the United States.  Other prestigious positions previously held by our faculty include Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court, Assistant United States Attorney, federal judicial law clerks, and partners in prestigious law firms.  Our students are receiving the top-notch training they need to succeed in their law practice.

The College has a traditional law school curriculum.  There is a heightened focus on practical training in the second and third years, including a required practicum each semester, so Belmont Law graduates will be armed with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to be practice-ready attorneys starting in 2014.  

Unique to Belmont, two certificate programs are offered to students which indicate an area of concentration in their studies.  The Entertainment and Music Business Law Certificate follows the courses of study pioneered at Belmont University’s undergraduate College of Entertainment and Music Business and parallels the significant music and entertainment industry in Nashville.  Receiving a Health Law Certificate will indicate to employers in one of Nashville’s leading industries that the student has a specialized knowledge of the health care field.   

Every first-year student is assigned a mentor through the Belmont University College of Law American Inn of Court, which provides students a unique opportunity to meet and learn from members of the bench and bar.  63 attorneys and judges meet the students they are mentoring on the first day of orientation.

The Charter Class consists of an impressive group of students from 62 schools in 22 states.  The Charter Class has a median LSAT score of 154 and a 3.29 GPA.  That ranks Belmont higher than 48 of the current 200 ABA-approved law schools, and on par with 14 of those schools.  Women comprise 55.3% of the Charter Class, and 17.4% are minorities. 60% of the admitted applicants accepted Belmont Law’s offers of admission.

With a median LSAT score of 154 and median G.P.A of 3.3, the Class of 2015 ranks behind only Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee among all Tennessee law schools.  The Class of 2015 has surpassed even more ABA-approved law schools, such as Syracuse (U.S. News Rank – 96), Mercer (U.S. News Rank – 110), Baltimore (U.S. News Rank – 113), Arkansas Little Rock (U.S. News Rank – 119), Vermont (U.S. News Rank – 119), Idaho (U.S. News Rank – 129), and Missouri Kansas City (U.S. News Rank – 135).   

Our students are uniquely positioned and eager to provide a meaningful contribution to your organization.  We invite you to come to campus to tour our building and meet our students.  Please contact Career Services, at lawcso@belmont.edu or (615) 460-8400 for more information or to schedule interviews.