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Students sit on the lawn during the summer eclipse.

Summer Orientation Dates

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Summer Orientation is a required two-day experience packed with information, community connections, and check-the-task-off the list opportunities! During Summer Orientation, students will register for their fall academic courses and complete other key steps to prepare for their Belmont journey. Summer Orientation also offers a parent/guest track designed specifically for Belmont parents and guardians.

2020 Summer Orientation Dates

Transfer-Only Session A: June 8

Session 1: June 9-10

Session 2: June 10-11

Session 3: June 11-12

Session 4: June 15-16

Session 5: June 16-17

Session 6: June 17-18

Session 7: June 18-19

Transfer-Only Session B: June 19

Note: If you are unable to attend any June Orientation session, we offer a one-day student only course registration experience during Welcome Week. We strongly encourage students to attend the June Orientation sessions in order to experience the full orientation program; however, this abbreviated session in August provides the same opportunity for students to register for classes.

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