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Students sit on the lawn during the summer eclipse.


General Questions

  • Is there a fee for Towering Traditions Orientation?
  • How do I sign up for the Towering Traditions Orientation Programs?
  • I'm having technical problems registering online, can someone help me?
  • When I created my myBelmont account, I learned there's a hold on my account. What do I do about this?
  • Can First Year Students attend a Transfer Student Summer Orientation sessions & vice versa?
  • Do I need to attend Summer Orientation in June and Welcome Week at the start of the academic year? What's the difference between the two?
  • What if I cannot attend Summer Orientation in June?
  • What if I cannot register for my preferred Summer Orientation session?
  • If I am coming for a later session, will I be able to get the classes I need?
  • How can I verify I'm signed up for Towering Traditions and how do I make changes to my original registration?
  • If I am a student coming by myself the night before, is there somewhere for me to stay? Will there be anything for me to do?
  • Where do students stay during Summer Orientation?
  • Does Belmont provide shuttle service from the airport? If not, do we have other options?
  • How do I get to Belmont? Is there parking?
  • Are linens, blankets and towels, provided or do we need to bring them?
  • Are meals provided?
  • How do I get a campus map for my visit?
  • Can I add to or change my orientation guest list?
  • Will I have a roommate for orientation?
  • When will I know my housing information?
  • How do I sign up for a meal plan?

Academic Questions

  • How do I get placement test questions answered?
  • Can a student register for classes without going through Summer Orientation?
  • How do students register for fall courses at Orientation?

Parent & Family Questions

  • Do parents stay with their students during Towering Traditions?
  • What do parents do during Towering Traditions?

Schedule Questions

  • What time does Summer Orientation events begin and end each day?
  • What happens at Summer Orientation?

Still have questions?

Check out the below list of frequently asked questions to see if we can help you out. Still needing help? Feel free to contact one of Belmont’s key offices to get your specific questions answered. We are always eager to help!

New Student Orientation Office

Residence Life

Student Financial Services