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The Registrar staff provides support functions for students, faculty and staff. Services include assisting students with registration, enrollment and degree verificationstranscript requests, graduation audits (Degree Works), transfer evaluations, and veteran education benefits.

The Office of the Registrar is located on the first floor of Freeman Hall next to Belmont Central. Staff members are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Office:  615-460-6619
Fax:  615-460-5415

Please include your Belmont ID number in all your communications with Registrar staff.

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Fall 2016 Priority Registration

The fall 2016 priority registration schedule can be found here.  Registration day is by student classification based on earned hours as of the fall 2015 semester.  Spring 2016 courses do not count as hours earned when determining a registration date.  Priority registration for the fall 2016 semester will close on July 8, 2016. Summer 2016 priority registration will remain open until May 2, 2016.

"MyBelmont App" IS NOT to be used to register for fall 2016 classes or to build a class schedule. This application should be used only for single course drop and add purposes after the first week of priority registration. 

Summer 2016 Grades Schedule

•  Wednesday, August 3 - Graduating Student grades rolled to student transcripts and final GPAs calculated for this group only.

•  Friday afternoon, August 5 - Only grades already entered by faculty at this time “roll” to student grade report. GPAs and Academic Standing NOT calculated or posted yet.

•  Monday, August 8 - All final grades are due from faculty by 8am.

•  Tuesday, August 9 - By 10am all final grades are rolled to student grade reports/transcripts. GPAs are calculated and finalized. Academic Standings are completed and posted. Dean's list recognition for undergraduate students will be sent to their Belmont email address.