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Forms and Instructions

Instructions for Certified Return Card

1. Put your return address in the box on the front side of the green return card.

2. Turn the card over and fill out items 1-3 on number 2 A B C and D will be Completed by the United States Post Office. Please write the bar-coded number On line 2 under Article Number.

3. Attach this card on the back of your envelope.

Click here to download an example of a certified mail return card (not for actual use)

Instructions for Certified Mail Receipt

1. Fill in all area's labeled Sent to, Street, Apt No or PO Box No, City, State, And Zip with recipient's address.

2. Please refer to instructions on left side of certified mail receipt.

3. Make sure that you place the bar-coded number just to the right side of the return Address and fold it at the dotted line. If it is placed to far over to the right the Mail Center will not be able to meter the mail piece.

4. Leave your receipt attached to the bar-coded number and the Mail Center will fill In all of the correct information and return it to you through campus mail.

Click here to download an example of a certified mail receipt (not for actual use)

UPS Shipment

Instructions for addressing a letter

Help 1.

Help 2.

Click here to download a form that can be used to schedule a UPS shipment



Charge Form

Click here for the fillable charge form.