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Change of Address

Students moving off campus, changing dorms, or will be away from Belmont during the Summer break are responsible for:

  • Updating their address through Banner Web
  • Notifying regular correspondents of their change in address

Forwarding of Student Mail:
Prior to checking out at the end of each spring semester students need to sign into their My Belmont account and type in a forwarding address for the summer under personal information and update mailing addresses.  Make sure at the bottom of the page that you have selected FW for forwarding address. An instruction sheet will be placed in your mailbox at the end of the Spring Semester. The instructions will also be listed on the home screen of your my Belmont page.

Mail received at  Mail Services that does not correspond with a forwarding address will be returned to sender. Mail will not be forwarded over spring break, fall break or the Christmas Holiday. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon packages are not forwardable. If we receive any of these packages you will be notified by phone and have the option to pay for your package to be forwarded or have it returned to sender. If you would like to pay for the forwarding of these packages, click the link below for a Credit Card Authorization Form.

Click here to download the Credit Card Authorization Form.