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A photo of a female Belmont student standing in art museum looking up to view art. Paintings are visible in the background.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

All students in the Watkins College of Art are encouraged to participate in Belmont’s Study Abroad Program. Whether it be for a summer, fall or spring semester, or full academic year, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the language, culture and arts of the countries in which you visit. During study abroad, students have the opportunity to earn credits towards their major, minor or general education requirements. Study abroad experiences have long-term and short-term options, including our nationally recognized Maymester program. Maymester is a two-to-three week study abroad experience during the month of May where students can earn up to nine credit hours and take advantage of tuition discounts. Maymester trips are led by Belmont faculty members, thus enabling students to further connect with their faculty in a meaningful way.

You'll find a complete list of Belmont Study Abroad options here. 

Past Watkins Study Abroad Trips

Italy, Japan, France, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Guatemala, England, Australia, China, and Spain


Belmont USA

For students wishing to remain stateside, the Belmont USA program offers semester-long programs in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. Students will stay in Belmont housing, take classes from our professors, and complete an internship. This provides excellent opportunities for students to build a network in these cities if they are considering moving post-graduation.


Gracie Stover | BFA in Art Education , 2018

“I went on a Maymester in 2016 to Italy and it is by far one of
the best things I have ever done. We even did a weekend trip
to Barcelona (yes, Spain for the weekend)! I still often reference
history I learned or art I saw when I teach now. My major at
Belmont was art ed, which is a hard program to get done in 4
years. My Maymester helped me knock out hours so that I didn’t
have to take 18 credits per semester, which was a huge gift that
I highly recommend you give yourself. It is truly one of the best
decisions I ever made.”