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About Watkins

The Watkins College of Art

Mission Statement

Watkins College of Art utilizes the power of creative and critical thinking to educate purpose-driven artists and designers with global historical perspectives and an entrepreneurial mindset to be productive citizens of their communities.


History of Excellence

In the Fall of 2020, Watkins merged with Belmont University’s existing art and design programs—giving our students access to a broader range of courses and majors. While both institutions boast storied traditions of excellence dating back to the 1880’s, it is their combined strengths that truly provide our students with a comprehensive, world-class education in the visual arts. 


Our Approach

The faculty of the Watkins College of Art works with one main goal in mind: to fully prepare BFA majors for their professional or further academic careers. We believe this can be best achieved by the combination of a strong liberal arts background with intense study of the studio arts, art education or design. With strong connections to the BELL Core, opportunities for study abroad and internships, the professional programs prepare graduates for success in their chosen fields as well as to pursue new challenges. 

Watkins College of Art also offers Community Education programs for artists of all ages and skills.