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Rachel Moore Best

photo of art alumna Rachel MooreI am the founder and lead educator for The Human Factor, where I have worked with clients such as NASA, MIT, Boston Children’s Hospital, and more. Previously I was an Art Director for an advertising agency in New York City, where I conceptualize and produce creative work for clients like GE, Visa, and The American Red Cross. I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects—from unconventional digital experiences and branded content to traditional advertising mediums, such as print and broadcast. I owe much of my success to the Belmont faculty who invested in me, often far beyond the time in the classroom. They taught me to be an unconventional thinker, a calculated risk-taker, and a resilient heart in an industry that can be very critical. Those skills (and a lot of laughter and tears) have led me to create work that has been recognized on national and international stages with awards from Cannes, The One Show, Art Directors Club, the Webbys, D&AD, and The Young Guns International. No matter where my career takes me next, I’m proud to call the College of Art at Belmont University one of the many places I am "from."


Grant Gill

grant-gill-100.jpgMy Belmont art professor, John Watson, taught me to dig in and pursue any opportunity or idea that caught my interest and to always strive to grow. The Fulbright program was all of those things. After graduation in 2016, I got on a plane to the Slovak countryside with three objectives: connect with the local culture, hike the local High Tatras mountain range, and start an online business. I have learned to make traditional foods and have soaked in the unique architecture. I have conquered some of the highest points in the nearby mountains. The last goal of my Fulbright was to start an online business,, and grow it to profitability in the one year I had abroad. It is fair to say that after many late nights rebuilding websites and talking with partners in different time zones, we pulled it off. My Fulbright grant provided me the opportunity to bring these goals and more to fruition. Moving forward, I hope to study for my Masters of Fine Art and eventually teach sculpture at the university level.


Caitlin Daly

When I changed my major to Art History before my junior year of college I did not realize that I was about to venture into the most exciting, challenging and aesthetically pleasing chapters of my life. Art History is not solely the study of the history of art, it is the process of approaching the history of mankind through our ability to beautify and express ourselves across cultures and time. Through Art History one is able to piece together the puzzle of our world and bring together every facet of life.

I am personally interested in the collection side of Art, I hope to work as an Art Consultant helping private collectors and businesses choose art to purchase. I find myself favoring Old Masters paintings above contemporary art although I am open to every media and time period.

I am currently studying and working towards my Masters in The History and Business of Art and Collecting at the University of Warwick/Institut d'Etudes Superieures des Arts in London, after studying in Paris for 5 months.


Anna E. Chappell

For me, art history is full of mystery. I love the process of looking, unpacking, and fitting the pieces together. With each course, I felt temporarily transported to a new land, time period or event. My studies and research in art history helped me better understand world history, religion and human nature.

I am most interested in the art and customs of the American Indians. I also enjoy the 19th-century French Realist movement, particularly Gustave Courbet and his contemporaries.

I currently work at Cheekwood Museum and Botanical Gardens as Public Programs Coordinator. My role involves developing appropriate programming to highlight exhibitions, installations and botanical collections. I also plan, direct, manage and coordinate all seasonal festivals, music performances for families and adults, and literature-based events.


Dave Walker

Art history was a captivating area of study for me because it provided a framework for analyzing and interpreting all things visual. By looking at works across genres and historical time periods, I really got a sense for how and why people have created works of art and can better appreciate the many different directions contemporary artists are taking.

As an art history major, I really fell in love with nineteenth-century painting and its development alongside photography. What I’m most captivated by are the material objects themselves: the weathered canvases, the rapidly fading portrait daguerreotypes, the patinated sculptures, and the moldy sketches that serve as a direct link to our shared cultural past.

Since graduating, I realized that my calling was in the care and stewardship of collections, including art objects. A brief stint as a preservation intern at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exposed me to the process of and needs for media preservation. I currently reside in Washington, D.C. where I attend the George Washington University as a Museum Studies graduate student. As an intern and independent contractor, I plan to continue working with preserving historic media at the Smithsonian, the Library of Congress, and the National Archives.


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