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An exterior view of the Janet Ayers Academic Center.


Janet Ayers Academic Center

Opened in 2014, the Janet Ayers Academic Center is the largest academic building on Belmont’s campus and is home to three colleges: the College of Theology & Christian Ministry, the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences and the College of Sciences & Mathematics. Due to Belmont’s general education/core curriculum, every undergraduate takes classes within this LEED-platinum certified building, making it an active base for building community on campus.

The building provides office space for more than 170 faculty and staff as well as houses the University’s Learning Centers and Study Abroad offices, so students have easy access to key areas that will help assist with and expand upon their education. The Burrito Bowl and We Proudly Brew Starbucks dining options, along with indoor and outdoor terrace seating options, give students everything they need at their fingertips.

Of particular note for CTCM students is the location of the Herbert C. Gabhart Chapel on the building’s ground floor. Named in honor of a man long deemed the “heart and soul” of Belmont, the Chapel recognizes the University’s longtime chancellor and president, Dr. Herbert C. Gabhart who passed away in September 2009, leaving behind a 50-year legacy of impact on the campus and surrounding community. The 300-seat Gabhart Chapel hosts worship services three times a week during the fall and spring semesters, as well as special services throughout the year.