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A photos of several fashion design students working at sewing machines.

2020 Designers


  • Chloe Baur
    Chloe Baur
    Delray Beach, Florida
    Collection Inspiration
  • Alexa Glover
    Alexa Glover
    Nashville, Tennessee
    Common Thread
    Collection Inspiration
  • Ashlee Riegler
    Ashlee Riegler
    Franklin, Tennessee
    Summer Baby
    Collection Inspiration
  • Sarah Stevenson
    Sarah Stevenson
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Collection Inspiration
  • Breonna Walker
    Breonna Walker
    Memphis, Tennessee
    The Euphoria Collection
    Collection Inspiration



O’More believes in the power of design to transform the world and the lives of others.  Our Junior Design students Amy May, Justice Ybarra, Samantha Edington and Denise Beckett were challenged with creating small capsule collections targeting underserved populations.  Students were inspired by inclusive design in the areas of menswear, extended sizes, sustainability and serving a need for individuals living with Parkinson’s.

Photo: Jami-Lyn Fehr