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Belmont University Brand Book

Organizations recognized by the University as Charted and Affiliated Organizations have the privilege of using the Belmont University name and logo and, when approved, an additional mark as identified by the Office of Communications. 

The Belmont University logo signifies the university’s endorsement and should be placed on all Chartered and Affiliated organization materials used as the official identifier. The logo consists of the image and the text as one entity and may not be manipulated/separated in any way. The logo may only be reproduced in blue (PMS281) or black. The logo may also be reversed out in white from 100 percent of the background color. 

 Social Media Guidelines

Belmont University participates in social media as a digital forum to discuss all things related to Belmont University, its prospective and current students, alumni, programs and events. In addition to frequent updates on events and news about the Belmont campus and community, the Office of Communications may utilize Belmont’s social media accounts as a messaging platform to communicate important information in the event of a crisis.

Belmont University’s Social Media Acceptable Use Guidelines applies to official accounts that represent Belmont University and its owned and operated entities, teams, groups and departments. 

 Event Space Requests

The Event Management System (EMS) tool provides the Belmont community a way to view space availability and submit reservation requests for campus spaces.

Sport Club Manual

Required Forms (all forms in PDF format)