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Dear Advisor:

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a student organization advisor. By taking on this role, you have already made a significant contribution to Belmont University and its students. Advising is a unique opportunity to interact with Belmont students outside of the classroom setting.

The environment developed through an advisor-advisee relationship is one that touches students’ lives on a different level. This experience provides students the opportunity to get to know faculty and staff as “real” people, and often leads to long term mentoring. 

Advising student organizations provides opportunities to challenge students to be better than they were yesterday and to support them when they find themselves unprepared to perform the task set before them. A good advisor will use their personal and professional experience to motivate individuals, as well as the group, toward a common goal. Good luck and enjoy your opportunity to make a difference!

This handbook was designed to serve as a resource for you in your role as anadvisor and in conjunction with the Student Organization Handbook, addresses many of the questions and issues that seem to arise from year to year. However, please contact our office if you need more information or your questions are not being addressed – we are here to serve you as well asthe student organizations.

It is our hope that being a student organization advisor will be a rewarding experience. Please contact us if you have questions or are feeling overwhelmed. Please also refer any new faculty or staff to our office if they are interested in serving as an advisor. Thank you again for accepting this role and contributing to the student co-curricular experience. 

Appreciatively Yours,
Amy Coles
Director of Student Engagement & Leadership Development