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Crime Prevention, Education and Awareness



Belmont Crime Bear

Programs are provided throughout the year and on request on crime and violence prevention, personal safety, prevention and awareness of sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, emergency preparedness, bystander intervention programs, etc.

Please contact the Coordinator of Security Programs, Liz Grubb at or 615-460-5661 for more information.

Current Programs:

No Excuses: Bruins Take a Stand

The Bystander Effect states that sometimes when a crime occurs, those who might witness it do not act for a variety of reasons. Being an active bystander means overcoming this social norm to be aware of the situation and choose to act.  A key focus in crime and violence prevention this year, the bystander intervention program will work towards educating and changing a culture to empower individuals to act and reach out for help.  This program is taught by trained security officers or the Coordinator of Security Programs and can be done in short or long time increments.


The One Love Foundation, created in 2010, has created a workshop about dating and relationship violence called The Escalation Workshop.  Their work is rooted in “our honest belief that relationship violence is an epidemic that can be stopped” (Sharon Love).  A powerful video and facilitated discussion, Escalation is a great tool to educate about the importance of healthy relationships, awareness of disturbing signs, and inspiration to act when needed. This program is taught by trained facilitators from Campus Security and other campus partners.

Active Shooter Response

The Active Shooter Response and Mitigation presentation seeks to improve awareness about active shooting situations, pre-incident indicators and responses, and what to do if one occurs. This presentation also includes a practical exercise to help participants understand and review the steps to take in the event of a lockdown on campus. This program is taught by trained security officers.

Personal Security

This program is a general overview of safety tips to enhance your personal security.  A trained security officer will review helpful and best practices to remain safe during your college stay at Belmont University, in an urban community.  Preventing violence by understanding safe choices and taking personal responsibility will be included with practical self-defense maneuvers and other best practices relating to safety and security.