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Undergraduate Majors Offered

Classification of Instructional Program


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
CIP Code
-School of Social Sciences
Communication Studies 09.0101
Corporate Communication 09.0199
History 54.0101
Political Science 45.1001 X X
Politics and Public Law 45.1099 X X
Public Relations 09.0900 X X
Sociology 45.1101 X X
-School of Education
Early Childhood Education 13.1210 X X
Elementary Education 13.1202 X X
English as a Second Language 13.9999 X
Secondary Education 13.1205 X X
Sport Administration 31.0504 X X
-School of Humanities
Asian Studies 5.031 X X
Chinese 16.0301 X
Classics 16.1299 X
Comparative Philsophy 38.0101 X
Creative Writing 23.1302 X
English 23.0101 X X
European Studies 5.0106 X
French 16.0901 X X
German 16.0501 X X
Italian 16.0902 X
Japanese 16.0302 X
Latin 16.1203 X
Literature 23.1401 X
Philosophy 38.0101 X X
Spanish 16.0905 X X
Writing and Rehtoric X
O'More College of Architecture, Art and Design
CIP Code
Art Education 13.1302 X
Art History 50.0703 X X
Art Studies 50.0701 X
Design Communication 50.0401 X X
Experiential Design 50.0701 X
Fashion Design 50.0407 X
Interior Design 50.0408 X
Painting 50.0708 X
Photography 50.0605 X
Studio Art 50.0702 X X
College of Sciences and Mathematics
 CIP Code
Applied Mathematics 27.0399 X
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 26.0201 X
Biology 26.0101 X X
Biophysics 51.2205 X
Chemistry 40.0501 X X
Computer Science 11.0101 X X
Data Science 52.1301 X X
Database Administration 11.0802 X
Engineering Physics 14.1201 X
Environmental Science 03.0104 X X
Mathematics 27.0101 X X
Neurobiology 26.1503 X
Neuroscience 26.1501 X
Pharmaceutical Studies 51.2010 X
Physical Science 40.0101 X
Physics 40.0801 X X
Psychological Science 42.0101 X X
Statistics 27.0601 X
Web Programming & Development 11.0801 X X
Jack C. Massey College of Business
 CIP Code
Accounting 52.0301 X
Business Administration 52.0201 X X
Business Systems and Analytics 52.1301 X
Economics 52.0601 X X
Entrepreneurship 52.0701 X
Finance 52.0801 X
Hospitality and Tourism Management 52.0901 X
International Business 52.1101 X
International Economics 45.0605 X
Marketing 52.1401 X
Social Entrepreneurship 30.9999 X
Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business
 CIP Code
Audio and Video Production 09.0402 X
Audio Engineering Technology 10.0203 X
Creative and Entertainment Industry Studies 50.1001 X
Journalism 09.0401 X X
Mass Communication 09.0102 X X
Motion Pictures 50.0602 X
Multimedia Production 50.0401 X
Music Business 50.1003 X X
Publishing 09.1001 X X
Songwriting 50.1099 X
Video Production 50.0602 X X
Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences & Nursing
 CIP Code
Exercise Science 31.0505 X
Nursing 51.3801 X
Nutrition 51.3102 X
Public Health 51.2201 X X
Social Work 44.0701 X X
Sports Medicine X
Strength and Conditioning 31.0599 X
College of Music and Performing Arts
 CIP Code
Church Music 39.0501 X
Commercial Music 50.0999 X
Dance 50.0301 X
Music 50.0901 X X
Music Therapy 51.2305 X
Musical Theatre 50.0999 X
Music Composition 50.0904 X
Music Education 13.1312 X
Music with Outside Minor 50.0999 X
Music Performance 50.0903 X
Music Theory 50.0904 X
Piano Pedagogy 50.0907 X
Theatre and Drama 50.0501 X
College of Theology and Christian Ministry
 CIP Code
Biblical Languages 16.1103 X X
Biblical Studies 39.0201 X X
Christian Ethics 39.9999 X
Christian Leadership 39.9999 X
Church Leadership & Administration 39.9999 X X
Faith-Social Justice 39.9999 X
Ministry 39.0602 X
Philosophy of Religion 38.0001 X
Religion and Arts 38.0299 X X
Religious Studies 38.0201 X X
Spiritual Formation 39.9999 X
Worship Leadership 39.9999 X
Youth Ministry and Church Recreation 39.0702 X
University College
 CIP Code
Accounting - PBBA 52.0301 X
Business Administration 52.0201 X
Liberal Studies 24.0101 X
Ministry 39.0602 X
Public Relations Management 09.0902 X
RN-Bachelor of Science/Nursing 51.3801 X
Social Work 44.0701 X
Interdisciplinary Programs
 CIP Code
Global Leadership Studies 13.0410 X X
Interdisciplinary Ethics 38.0103 X
Legal Studies 22.0101 X X


Graduate Majors Offered

Classification of Instructional Program

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
 CIP Code
Education Leader-Teacher 13.9999
English 23.0101
Master of Art in Teaching 13.1299
Nonprofit Leadership 52.0206
Organizational Leadership and Communication 13.9999
Sport Administration 31.0504
Transformative Literacy 13.9999
Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business
 CIP Code
Audio Engineering 10.0203
Jack C Massey College of Business
 CIP Code
Accountancy 52.0301
Business Administration, Entertainment and Music Business, MBA 52.1003
Business Administration, Health Care, MBA 52.0299
Business Administration, MBA 52.0101
Gordon E. Inman College of Health Sciences and Nursing
  CIP Code
Nursing 51.3801
Occupational Therapy 51.2306
Physical Therapy 51.2308
Law School
  CIP Code
Law 22.0101
College of Pharmacy
  CIP Code
Pharmacy 51.2001
College of Visual and Performing Arts
  CIP Code
Commercial Music 50.0999
Instrumental Pedagogy 50.0901
Instrumental Performance 50.0903
Music Composition 50.0904
Music Education 13.1312
Piano Pedagogy 50.0907
Piano Performance 50.0903
Vocal Pedagogy 50.0999
Vocal Performance 50.0908
College of Theology and Christian Ministry
 CIP Code
Mental Health Counseling 51.1508